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Critical Dialogue Programmes

As an organisation with human dignity and social justice at its core, Cornerstone aims to promote and contribute to important conversations around human rights through advocacy, lobbying and research. One of the ways in which we do this is with our monthly Critical Dialogue series.

The series started in 2015 and traditionally takes the form of physical events including book launches, panel discussions, interactive workshops, exhibitions and local film screenings – all of which aim to stimulate public debate that moves society forward. Since COVID hit the nation, and lockdowns were imposed, the Critical Dialogues have, like many others, moved into an online space.

In 2020, we hosted monthly virtual panel discussions, an art and music show, and a hybrid-model 3-day event in November, comprising of workshops, masterclasses and presentations on a range of topics under the broad theme of “Leadership as a mechanism of Reclaiming our futures”.

Throughout the year, we unpacked a range of issues that crept to the fore as COVID-19 shone a light on many of societies cracks, which we had become so used to ignoring.

Some of these topics included; Internet Access as a Human Right, Food Security in South Africa, Reimagining Education & workforce requirements for 21st century Africa, Activism: Then & Now, and The Impact of COVID-19 on Private Higher Education.

The 2021 calendar has been planned and laid out, and while some details may change closer to the time – as we monitor COVID protocols and keep our community safe, we invite you to diarise the below and to take part in these discussions.

You can join us on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE, where you can also watch some of our previous episodes. Or you can follow us on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER if you’d like to be made aware of upcoming events.

Alternatively, get a prompt straight into your inbox by signing up for our Critical Dialogue mailing list. Simply CLICK HERE to sign up.

The rest of the details; time, date and venue will be communicated at the appropriate date and time. Watch this space!

For further information, email rsvp@cornerstone.ac.za or call 021 448 0050.

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