Digital Transformation in Higher Education

15 July 2021 19h00 - 20h30

Digital transformation is revolutionising the way that organisations approach their operations, service offerings, marketing efforts and every other facet of functioning in the modern world. Higher education is no different.

In conditions of great uncertainty, and competition, higher education institutions are moving away from wondering what the future may hold, to actively predicting it – and making proactive decisions based on that information.

In our next Critical Dialogue, we will ask a series of questions that look at Digital Transformation in higher education and assess this transition through an African lens.

Is digital transformation part of democratising education when many people’s basic needs are not met? Should we be looking at digitising learning earlier in the school journey in order to prepare learners for a tech-based tertiary experience? Where does this transformation fit when it comes to internationalisation? And what is the role of big data in this new era?


Dr Stanley Mpofu

Chief Information Officer, University of the Witwatersrand

Dr Mpofu has a proven track record of more than two decades in ICT business strategy, digital transformation, cybersecurity, mobile strategy, and cloud strategy. He is a member of the Ministerial Task Team for Higher Education and a board member of the Tertiary Education & Research Network of South Africa (TENET). He’s also served as the Chair of HEITSA (Higher Education Information Technology South Africa) and has recently won the 2020 Visionary CIO of the Year (IITPSA) award.

Robert Matiwa

IT Manager, Cornerstone Institute

Robert is a software developer, IT content writer, IT content assessor, Project Manager and IT content moderator of courseware in the higher education sector. He has a combined ten years of experience in the Tertiary education sector as a software developer, lecturer, facilitator, and moderator. More than half of these are content developers. He has developed IT content for the Computer Training Institute (CTI now known as Pearson Institute of Higher Education) as well as for the Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) and the Cape Innovative Technology Initiative (CapaCiTi).


Dr Nompilo Tshuma

Lecturer: Centre for Higher and Adult Education, Stellenbosch University

Nompilo is a Lecturer in the Department of Curriculum Studies and the Centre for Higher and Adult Education at Stellenbosch University. She has been working with educational technology since 2005 in both student and staff development, and as a researcher. Nompilo holds a PhD (Rhodes University) which focused on understanding the agency of academics as they integrate educational technology and quietly resist a range of constraining structural forces. Developing from this, her current research interests focus on reflexivity and critique by seeking a nuanced understanding of educational technology practices in higher education through a better understanding of context and the use of social theories.

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