Registrations for Semester 2 intake are now OPEN!

Begins on April 15, 2024, and concludes on June 30, 2024.

Dear Prospective and Returning Students

We’re excited to welcome 2024 new and returning students to Cornerstone Institute for Semester 1.

Classes start on 12 February 2024

To ensure a smooth application and registration process, ensure your application form is completed with all fields populated.

Please note:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Alternative Education) – is not an Education Qualification
  • PGCE IP and FP – To meet the undergraduate requirements for entry, you are to provide us with a full transcript with credits and NQF levels and complete the necessary specialization fields on the application form.
  • For PFCE IP, also note that we do not offer the Social Science Didactics undergraduate modules (History and Geography) and Science and Technology undergraduate modules. You can only select those options if you have the undergraduate modules up to NQF level 6 in your previous degree.
  • To apply for Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CAT), you will be required to complete a form and submit module outlines of the courses you complete.

All best wishes, Cornerstone Institute.


Registration Instructions for First Time Registrations:

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the form
  3. You will be guided to log into AAS
  4. Complete the application and registration by following the prompts on AAS.
  5. Remember to set your password and to keep it somewhere safe for future reference.


Registration Instructions for Returning Registrations:

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your profile
  3. Select your modules and follow the prompts for payment.


  1. Module content will not be available on Funda until closer to class commencement. You should be able to log into Funda and see whether all your modules are uploaded. If they do not all appear on the site as per your Proof of Registration, please contact – to log a support ticket.
  2. You will be able to register for Semester 2. Please consult the Yearbook 2024 for the changes to module names and codes and to find the correct modules for you to register for.

For any assistance with your application or registration log a ticket with at


In order to register students must be in possession of an Acceptance Letter, the modules they would like to register for (refer to Curriculum grid or yearbook).

Once Registration is open, you can register via  Returning Students logging into the Student Portal.

To expedite the process please ensure that you include the Proof of payment of the Initial payment fee (R5000).

Your form will go through the following process:

  1. Capturing the information on our student portal
  2. Finance check
  3. Module check
  4. Final check and issuing of proof of registration
  5. Thereafter the modules will be captured on Funda

Students are responsible for ensuring that they select the correct modules and the Institution will not be held responsible for incorrect choices of the student.

Amendments can only be made during the amendments period (the first two weeks of the Semester), so please ensure that when you register you select the correct modules.

Part-time need to register for 60 – 80 credits per year, and full-time for approximately 120 to 130 credits.

Your registration will be processed, and you will receive Proof of Registration. Please check the proof of registration to ensure that you have registered for the correct modules. Once your modules are available on Funda, please check that the modules correspond with the Proof of Registration received.

To help you plan your studies, be aware that each credit takes 10 hours of work. So if a module is worth 12 credits, it will take 120 hours to complete, including lectures, readings, research, assignments, etc. If you are not working and are dedicating your time to your studies, a full load for a year is 120 to 130 credits. If you are working full-time, you might struggle to take more than 60 to 70 credits in a year.

Please check our website for the programme you are taking so that you can see all the modules the programme comprises.

For more details, see the Yearbook on the website under the drop down “Student Information”.

Cornerstone Institute
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