Beverley Dankers

(Deputy Dean of Student Development and Support)

Beverley Dankers has experienced diverse cultures and significantly contributed to the United States and Swaziland. With a passion for education and community development, she has actively engaged with tertiary institutions for the past decade, bringing her expertise and commitment to various roles.

Beverley’s educational journey began in 2009 at Cornerstone Institute, where she laid the foundation for her future endeavors. In 2010, she graduated with a BTh in Community Development, equipping her with the necessary skills to positively impact society. Her thirst for knowledge led her to pursue a BSocSc Honours degree in Development Studies at the prestigious University of Cape Town, which she completed in 2012. She sought further growth and expertise and obtained an MEd in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University in 2016.

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Geraldine Franciscus

(Psychology: Head of Department)

Ms. Geraldine Franciscus is a Counselling Psychologist, a Senior Lecturer, and the Head of the Psychology Department at Cornerstone Institute. She has been a Psychology lecturer for over 20 years. She has a special interest in Brain Working Recursive Therapy and Solution Focussed Brief Therapy and its application in South Africa.

Geraldine has been involved in collaborative research. Some of this research has resulted in a publication in the International Journal of Higher Education and Democracy and conference presentations at the Psychological Society of South Africa’s (PsySSA’s) Annual Congress. Her Master’s thesis examined the ‘Attitudes and Responses of Teachers to Child Sexual Abuse Disclosure.’

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Eugene Brandt

(Facilities: Manager)

Eugene Brandt has more than a decade of experience in corporate South Africa.


Dr. Martin Khoaseb

(Head of the Centre for Teaching and Learning)

Dr. Martin Khoaseb joined Cornerstone Institute in 2022 as the Head of the Centre for Teaching and Learning. This CTL ensures that Cornerstone integrates teaching, learning, and scholarship, emphasizing social justice education, integrated work program, and related academic initiatives.

The life experiences and growing up as a young man during turbulent political unrest in the 80s and 90s have significantly shaped Martin’s life and worldview. The quest for self-actualization and self-identity has been his driving force, personal faith encounters, and inspirational leadership of liberation stalwarts greatly influenced these.

Martin’s educational journey began with a Diploma in Primary Education, which led to him working as an educator at the primary school level for over eight years. Building upon his foundation, he pursued further qualifications, including a Licentiate in Theology from the Bible Institute of South Africa, a Bachelor of Honours from UNISA, a Master of Theology from the University of Free State, and a Ph.D. in Practical Theology from the University of Stellenbosch in 2014.

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Elana Van Zyl

(Deputy Registrar)

Elana van Zyl has worked in various work settings throughout her multifaceted career, from the production floor to the boardroom. Her work experience includes production planning, various administrative roles, human resources management, and working in various roles in higher education for 10 years. She has a hands-on approach to working and loves the challenge of mastering a new skill. Elana, therefore, has a wide ‘toolbox’ of skills to utilize in her current roles, of which teaching, administration, and analytical and strategic thinking are only a few.

For Elana, inspiration is sometimes found in the beauty of nature, a good book, a serendipitous conversation, or a song – she oftentimes finds it in the most unlikely places. Elana’s biggest inspiration is the ability to witness how a person finds themselves and their purpose and unfurls and bloom.

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Adeliah Jacobs

(General Manager)

Adeliah is a seasoned professional with a remarkable 12-year track record of serving individuals and groups in both workplace and community-based settings. Drawing from her diverse range of experiences, including roles as an HR Manager, Quality Management Representative, and Project Manager, as well as insights gained from executive coaching sessions, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to all her engagements.

Adeliah possesses a unique talent for connecting dots, simplifying complex themes, and fostering enabling environments that empower individuals to leverage their strengths. Her extensive background includes working and volunteering at non-governmental organizations in the primary healthcare sector and in production and engineering companies within the private sector.

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Geoff Schreiner

(Head of Department: Business Studies)

Geoff Schreiner holds a Master’s degree in the Sociology of Work from Warwick University (UK), which he completed in 1987 following his studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. Throughout his career, Geoff has been deeply involved in the labour movement and played a significant role in the National Peace Accord, for which he was honored with the Martin Luther King Peace Prize.

Geoff’s expertise extends to manufacturing and supply chain best practices and digital transformation in business. As an APICS Senior Supply Chain Professional, he has continually expanded his knowledge in these areas, staying at the forefront of industry trends.

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Thulani Dube

(Head of Innovation and Advancement)

Thulani Dube serves as the Head of Innovation and Advancement at Cornerstone Institute. With a diverse background in academia and leadership roles, Thulani has made significant contributions to the field of entrepreneurship and economic transformation.

Previously, Thulani was Faculty Programmes Coordinator for the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Economic Transformation, where he played a pivotal role in developing and coordinating various academic programs. Additionally, he served as the Department Lead for the Business Studies Department, showcasing his expertise in business management and industrial psychology.

Thulani’s educational achievements include a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Nicosia, further enhancing his organizational management knowledge and skills. He also holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management from the University of South Africa (UNISA), where he initially earned his Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Human Resources Management. Thulani pursued a Higher National Certificate in Skills Development Facilitation through UNISA to fuel his passion for human capital development.

Throughout his career, Thulani has been dedicated to driving managerial leadership development and fostering organizational efficiency through innovative solutions. He is particularly enthusiastic about empowering and developing the youth, recognizing the importance of nurturing the next generation of leaders.

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Zizipho Dyubeni

(Marketing Manager)

Zizipho is an accomplished professional with noticeable skills in digital marketing, business development, strategic partnerships, digital strategy, and digital content creation. Zizipho knows her way around the digital content space.

Zizipho started her career as a freelancer for a PR company specializing in high-end Luxury brands. She went on to work at digital advertising and publisher network provider Volt Africa as Learning and Development Manager and Brand Ambassador. Zizipho continued to endeavor in her enterprising journey through her digital boutique agency Iqhayiya Digital working with social entrepreneurship organizations designing and facilitating social media workshops. She served as the Head of Growth (SA) for African Fintech ImaliPay before joining Cornerstone Institute as the Head of Marketing.

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Stephen Langtry

(Department Lead: General Education and Media Studies)

Stephen Langtry holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial & Organisational Psychology and Religious Tradition and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, both earned from the University of Cape Town.

Stephen is the Department Lead for General Education and Media Studies at Cornerstone Institute. Additionally, he serves as the Chairperson of the Board of the Camissa Museum, an institution dedicated to restorative justice and education, emphasizing the narratives of the people of the Cape.

Before assuming his current roles, Stephen worked as an independent consultant, catering to various clients, including the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and the Western Cape Department of Local Government.

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Anlene Teljaard

(Faculty Office: Theology and Ethics)

Anlene has an interest in classical and contemporary approaches to theology that account for relevant responses to societal issues, especially in Africa. They strive to work towards a more just and humane society has been part of her career path in the areas of formal theological education, as a lecturer, community worker in local South African communities, as well as, volunteering and providing service in the church (Uniting Reformed Church of Southern Africa) as a part-time minister.

Anlene holds a Masters in Divinity Studies from Stellenbosch University and a Research Masters from Vrije University, Netherlands.


Dr. Susan Gredley

(Department Lead: BA Alternative Education)

Dr. Susan Gredley is the primary lecturer and departmental lead for Cornerstone’s BA Alternative Education program. She holds a Master’s in Adult Education from the University of Cape Town and a Ph.D. from the University of the Western Cape. Her doctoral research explored socially just pedagogies in higher education through the lens of participatory parity.

Before joining Cornerstone in 2022, Susan worked at UCT and UWC in a range of convening, lecturing, and research roles, including, at UCT, in the Writing Centre, Disabilities Studies Unit, English Department, Language Development Group, Global Citizenship Programme, and Cases of Open Learning project and, at UWC, in the Women’s and Gender Studies department, convening and lecturing on two undergraduate gender studies courses.

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Sharon Brand

(Deputy Dean: Business Studies)

Sharon Brand has a diverse business and supply chain management background. She holds a BPharm degree from UCT and a BCom degree from Unisa. Additionally, she has earned BBA Hons and MBA degrees from the University of Stellenbosch Business School, both with Cum Laude honors. Sharon is pursuing a Ph.D. in new product forecasting, demonstrating her commitment to continuous learning and research.

With over 16 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Sharon has held various positions at Warner-Lambert and Pfizer, ultimately reaching the senior National Supply Chain Manager role. She then transitioned to the provincial government as Deputy Director, overseeing the supply chain of medicines. Sharon later joined Afrox, a local affiliate of the Linde Group, as the regional supply chain manager, SAP business coach, and Six Sigma Black Belt. In this capacity, she led and enhanced supply chain processes.

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Senior Management

Cornerstone Institute
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