Please download the 2018 FEE STRUCTURE  

Limited financial aid is available for African students

See https://cornerstone.ac.za/finance/financial-aid-application/  or contact the Admissions Office admissions@cornerstone.ac.za



BRANCH NUMBER: 102510 (Parow)/198765 (universal code)
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 107 503 0269

Financial Aid & Bursary

Payment & Fees

Payment of Fees

Students are responsible for the full payment of all fees and expenses according to their payment plan.

R2000.00 discount on Administration Fees with full payment at registration.

R1000.00 discount on Administration Fees with payment of the registration fee at registration and balance of tuition fees by end of February.

If a student is being sponsored, it is the student’s responsibility to contact sponsors to ensure payments are met.

Students must always use their student number as a reference for ALL correspondence with the financial office.

Students must ensure that they check their statements. Statements will be considered correct if no written communication is received within 30 days of the date of the statement. Enquiries can be made at the financial office at bursar@cornerstone.ac.za

Receipts are only issued for cash payments.

When making EFT payments, students should email proof of payment to bursar@cornerstone.ac.za

Statements are sent via email. Copies can be obtained directly from the finance office.

Promotional discounts may be offered from time to time. Conditions apply.

Payment Plan

A non-refundable registration fee of R10 000, paid in two parts. R5000 by the end of January 2018 and R5000 by the end of March 2018, for students completing 80 plus credits for the year.

A non-refundable registration fee of R5000 is paid at registration for students completing 60 to 79 credits for the year.

All levies/ administration fees are NON REFUNDABLE and due at registration.

The NON-REFUNDABLE Registration Fee is applied to the tuition fee and the remaining tuition fee will be divided over a maximum of

9 (nine) months from March to September (January intake)

4 (four) months from August to November (July intake)

Refund of Fees

All administration fees due at registration will not be refunded.

Cancellation AFTER the first 10 (ten) working days at the start of a semester: only tuition fees in advance of the student’s current semester will be refunded.

Failure to complete the correct withdrawal/cancellation form required will result in NO refunds.

Non-Payment of Fees

Students who are more than 30 days outstanding will be put on financial suspension, resulting in the following consequences:

The student may not attend class.

Access to course material will be withheld.

Examination results and/or qualifications will be withheld.

Registration for the following year is not permitted unless the student’s account is settled in full.

Financial Aid money received from Cornerstone Institute and its donors will be reversed and the student will become liable for the amount received.

Failure to meet agreed payment plan will result in the outstanding fees being handed over for collection with costs.

The annual fee is determined by the number of modules the student registers for in the academic year. Each module is assigned a specific credit value which also determines the time needed to do this module. Please plan accordingly.

Tuition fee rate is double for students from non-African countries.

Students studying for non-credit purposes pay half of the tuition fee applicable.

Campus-based international students must pay 60% of the tuition fee before a visa letter will be issued.