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Welcome to Orientation 2022!

This is your virtual orientation for 2022! Please watch the video below and follow these steps as you scroll through the page.

  1. Hello and Welcome – SDS and Service Departments – Orientation Video 1
  2. Navigate Orientation Lesson
  3. Login to the Funda demo site
  4. Faculty Intro and CEO Encouragement – Orientation Video 2
  5. Meet Your SRC – Video 
  6. Take note of the dates for the Meet & Greet session
  7. Complete the Declaration and Quiz
  8. Make sure you navigate to the important resource page – you will need these documents

Orientation Video I

Student Orientation Lesson

Make use of the Funda demo site to familiarise yourself with the platform as you navigate the Student Orientation Lesson above. Click on the button to access.

Log in using      USERNAME: demo     PASSWORD: demo


Orientation Video II

Meet Your SRC

Live Meet & Greet Sessions

Now that you have completed the virtual orientation, we would like to invite you to join us for a live virtual meet and greet session. You will have a chance to meet your peers and ask questions around becoming orientated as a Cornerstone Student!

  • Undergrad and PGCE FP students – Thursday 2 February @ 18:00
  • PGCE IP Students – Thursday 9 February @ 18:00

Keep an eye on your Cornerstone Emails for links!

Please note: Campus students are invited to join us on campus on Wednesday 8 February for our Campus Orientation. Details to follow.

Thank you for attending our virtual orientation for 2022. We are so very pleased that you have chosen us to journey alongside you. Please complete this short declaration and quiz that will help us know that you have experienced the orientation.

Important Resources

Here’s a link to some very important resources, integral to your success at Cornerstone. These resources are also available on the Funda Home Page, under the resources tab.

You will receive your Funda logins one you have successfully registered with us. Once you log in, you will also have access to an Orientation Module with practise assessments for you to test your recently-acquired Funda knowledge and navigation skills.


For any inquiries please email


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