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Our vision is for all students to be agents of inclusivity, empowerment, and relevance.”

We aim to engage with students and promote collaboration, connection, and innovative thinking.”

The SRC exists to serve the student body by promoting the interests and welfare of students, coordinating student activities, providing leadership which will direct students toward wholeness, representing students on joint faculty/student committees and planning various social events. The student body elects the council each year. The SRC works closely with the Director of Student Services in serving the student community. Students who have private concerns or grievances with others in the Cornerstone community, which do not involve violations of institutional standards, should first try to resolve their conflicts with those involved. (In most cases, discussion on a one-to-one basis is advised.) There are times, however, when a student may feel such an attempt at clarification was inadequate or misunderstood, leaving the conflict unresolved. If this situation occurs, the student may make an appointment with the Director of Student Services, who will discuss the concern with the student and help him or her locate resources to resolve the problem. Cornerstone offers professional counselling services through the Psychology Department. Further details can be obtained from the head of this department or the Director of Student Services.


Elton Splinter: BA Psychology


It is a great honour and privilege to be selected to serve the Cornerstone student body as a grateful member of the SRC. As a strong advocate for empowerment through knowledge, I aim to motivate effective communication between students, faculty and various departments at Cornerstone. In doing so I hope to preserve and promote cultural diversity in the interests of academia and Cornerstone’s core values.

Johannes Van Zyl: BA Psychology

Communication and Public Affairs Officer

I thrive when I am in a position to help someone in need of support, to share my knowledge while guiding them towards a deeper understanding. I am extremely excited to connect with students from all walks of life by representing the student body as part of the Cornerstone SRC for 2022 and to build unity through our time together as students.

Skye Devy: BA Psychology

Academic Affairs Officer
Student Welfare Officer

I am a huge believer in being a voice for those who need to be heard and helped/guided. This is what I hope to accomplish as a member of the SRC. I am truly excited to engage with the students and make their university experience at Cornerstone, a memorable one.

Rachel Alford – BA Psychology

Campus Life Co-Ordinator
Diversity and Recreation Officer

I am honoured to be serving on the SRC for the second time. I am excited to serve and help students. I want to get people excited about studying at cornerstone. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by our studies. My goal is to support students and to help make life a little more fun

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