Our vision is for all students to be agents of inclusivity, empowerment, and relevance.”

We aim to engage with students and promote collaboration, connection, and innovative thinking.”

The SRC exists to serve the student body by promoting the interests and welfare of students, coordinating student activities, providing leadership which will direct students toward wholeness, representing students on joint faculty/student committees and planning various social events. The student body elects the council each year. The SRC works closely with the Director of Student Services in serving the student community. Students who have private concerns or grievances with others in the Cornerstone community, which do not involve violations of institutional standards, should first try to resolve their conflicts with those involved. (In most cases, discussion on a one-to-one basis is advised.) There are times, however, when a student may feel such an attempt at clarification was inadequate or misunderstood, leaving the conflict unresolved. If this situation occurs, the student may make an appointment with the Director of Student Services, who will discuss the concern with the student and help him or her locate resources to resolve the problem. Cornerstone offers professional counselling services through the Psychology Department. Further details can be obtained from the head of this department or the Director of Student Services.


Selah Kelsey: BA Psychology

  • President
  • Campus Life Co-Ordinator

It is an honour to be able to represent our Cornerstone students and to be their voice. My heart’s delight is to see people and celebrate them as they become the best version of themselves. During my time on the SRC, I hope to gather and connect students across all years and fields of study to create a place where they feel heard and feel like they belong.

Angela Altern: BA Psychology  (Online)

  • Deputy President
  • Academic Affairs Officer

I am a working mom of four children who never dreamed that studying could be achievable with my schedule. Throughout my first year of studies, I have grown to understand the delicate balance of family, work, studies, community involvement, and self-care. I am enthusiastic about seeing students flourish and finding their unique student rhythm. Say ‘yes’ to what seems impossible and watch as you grow to meet the challenges.

Talitha Bouwer: BA Psychology (Online)

  • Secretary

I thoroughly believe that every person has a bit of magic in them to make the world a more beautiful and harmonious place to live in, even when a person does not believe, it would be a privilege to partake in that journey, to unconsciously let their light shine as so many students have done for me the past year. It is my utmost honour to serve you, the students of Cornerstone Institute, by fulfilling my duties as a member of the 2023 SRC.

Elton Splinter: BA Psychology

  • Treasurer

It is a great honour and privilege to be selected to serve the Cornerstone student body as a grateful member of the SRC. As a strong advocate for empowerment through knowledge, I aim to motivate effective communication between students, faculty and various departments at Cornerstone. In doing so I hope to preserve and promote cultural diversity in the interests of academia and Cornerstone’s core values.

Chanté Venter: PGCE

  • Student Welfare Officer
  • PGCE Support

I am honoured to be able to serve in the SRC and I believe that this position would enable me to assist and reach a lot more people and students in order to not only make a change but be the change. I know that being in the process of studying could be difficult and challenging and thus students need to be able to have a person to turn to in order to gain another perspective or view, to receive advice from, to have support, to have understanding, and to have compassion.

Dylan Cilliers: BA Psychology

  • Diversity and Recreational Officer

I am honored to have been selected as a member of the SRC for 2023. I am looking forward to working with all sorts of students, providing help whenever it is possible, and helping to create an environment in which all students can academically thrive.

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