This webpage provides information from the offices of the respective deans.

Dr Marianne Louw

The Executive Dean

Beverley Dankers

Deputy Dean of Student Development and Support

Dr Shaun Viljoen

Deputy Dean of the Education Department


Internationalisation in collaboration with the Advancement Office

Social Impact in collaboration with the Advancement Office

Senior scholars in collaboration with the heads of Faculty of Departments

  • The program links local and international senior scholars in relevant disciplines with our faculty departments as mentors to our academic teams to strengthen faculty scholarship in the curriculum, teaching and learning, and research.

Academic publications

  • Buys, B.R. (2018). Brugbouers. Die Reitz-video en die pad na versoening. [Bridgebuilders. The Reitz-video and the road the reconciliation.] Cape Town: Penguin Random House.
  • Buys, B.R. (2017). A phenomenological reading of the racial knowledge and identities of student leaders engaged in reconciliation. Doctoral dissertation. Bloemfontein: University of the Free State.
  • Costa, B.B. & Buys, B.R. (2016). Pedagogy of ‘Migrance’: a South African case study. In Mazza, D. & Norões, K. (eds) Educação e Migraçoes Internas e Internacionais.
  • Buys, B.R. (2008). Litmus test or catalyst; vanguard or vandals, in Dames, G. (ed.) Ethical Leadership. Bellville: University of the Western Cape.
  • Buys, B.R. (2008). Bringing youth development into the mainstream. In Reconciliation Barometer, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, Vol. 6. University of Cape Town.

Conference papers (Selected)

  • Buys, B.R. (2018). Knowledge at the margins: engaging students as curriculum workers, World Conference, World Education Research Association, Cape Town, SA.
  • Buys, B.R. & Haffajee, F. (2018). The State of Play at the margins, Current findings on co-curriculum and Student success at the DUT, Siyaphumelela Conference, Johannesburg.
  • Buys, B.R. (2018). Preconference Workshop: Knowledge at the Margins: Leveraging Co-Curriculum for Decolonization. Annual Conference, Comparative and International Education Society.
  • Buys, B.R. & Haffajee, F. (2018). Co-curriculum and Decolonizing Higher Education, a South African Perspective. Conference for General Education and Assessment: Foundations for Democracy. Association of American Colleges and Universities. Philadelphia, PA.
  • Buys, B.R. & Haffajee, F. (2017). Preconference Workshop: Knowledge at the margins: co-curriculum and transformation, HELTASA Annual Conference, Durban.
  • Buys, B.R. (2017). Students negotiating racial biographies on former white campuses, Annual Conference, Comparative International Education Society, Atlanta, USA.
  • Buys, B.R. (2015). “I struggle a lot to be free”, A phenomenological reading of the racial knowledge and identities of student leaders engaged in reconciliation, Research and Inquiry Conference, UCLA Education and Information Studies, Los Angeles.
  • Buys, B.R. & Wahl, W.P. (2014). Student Life Colleges at the University of the Free State, Creating a model for Student Success, The Collegiate Way Conference, Durham University, Durham.
  • Buys, B.R. (2012). Between the POW and Reitz: a narrative of four generations of white Afrikaner men, a narrative inquiry and auto-ethnographic reflection on intergenerational trauma and forgiveness. Conference Engaging the Other: Breaking Intergenerational Cycles of Repetition, Bloemfontein.
  • Buys, B.R. and Bell, D. (2011). Transforming racialized legacies through student leadership, annual conference of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), Montreal.
  • Buys, BR. (2011). Constructing post-conflict democracy on campus: a case study of transformation of student governance and political engagement as post-conflict intervention. A preliminary assessment applying a grounded theory perspective, 3rd African Student Affairs Conference, Bloemfontein.
  • Buys, B.R. (2009). Rhythm and Rootedness: Young people and African identity in the 21st Century, Africa Institute SA/SAAPS Symposium.
  • Buys, B.R. (2008). Vanguard or vandals? Youth and ethical leadership, Youth and Ethical Leadership, Seboka (Conference) on Higher Education and Ethical Leadership, Global Perspectives in a Southern African context, Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch.
  • Buys, B.R. (2007). From Dakar to decolonization: A youth response to 1987, Stellenbosch University DAKAR Conference, US Bellville Park Campus, Bellville.
  • Buys, B.R. (2006). Between “want-to” and “getting-there”, Youth and restorative practice, Conference on Social Justice and Healing, Uniting Reformed Church and the Beyers Naude Centre for Public Theology,

Media (selected)

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