The Executive Committee

Dr Marianne Louw, D Litt et Phil in Leadership Communication

The Executive Dean
Chairperson: Senate; Executive Committee of Senate; Academic Planning Committee; Faculty Management Committee
Vice Chairperson: Accreditation Project Panel
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Crystal Jannecke, PhD in Political Science

Chairperson: Policy Review Committee (PRC) and Registrar
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Jabulani Chitanga, Masters in Research Psychology

Chairperson: Research and Ethics Committee (REC)

Mr Geoff Schreiner, MA Sociology & Certified Supply Chain Professional (APICS)

Head of Faculty Entrepreneurship and Economic Transformation (FEET)
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Geraldine Franciscus, Masters in Counselling Psychology

HOD: Psychology

Henrietta Settler, Masters of Philosophy in Social Science

Programme Head: Sociology and Community Development
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Beverley Dankers, Masters in Education

Deputy Dean of Student Development and Support
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Elana van Zyl, Masters of Theology in Clinical Pastoral Care

 Deputy Registrar
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Stephen Langtry, Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Psychology

Faculty Manager: Planning & Commercialisation
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Maryka van Niekerk, National Diploma in Office Management and Technology

Faculty Officer: Humanities Faculty
Cornerstone Institute
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