IMF report slams SA’s education folly

Reference: 21 MARCH 2019 - 05:00 by CLAIRE BISSEKER, url: IMF report slams SA'S education folly Without addressing the weak foundations at the primary and secondary school levels, the government’s flagship policy of free tertiary education is likely to deliver disappointing results. At worst, it will prove downright wasteful. This is one of the hard-hitting 

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Pandor concerned by high drop-out rate at SA universities

Reference Tuesday 29 May 2018 - 10:20am JOHANNESBURG – Higher Education Minister Naledi Pandor has expressed concerns about the number of drop-outs at universities. She was responding to a report calling for an urgent need to address the problem at institutions of higher learning. See more ...

7 key phrases Montessori teachers use and why we should use them, too

Reference: by Christina Clemer Url: Date: 20 October 2017 Montessori can be hard to sum up in just a few words—it is a philosophy on education and child development that runs deep. It’s a way of seeing the world. I think one of the easiest ways to get an idea for what Montessori means is 

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How important it is to have a degree in South Africa’s current economy

Staff Writer at BusinessTech 27 August 2017 Only four in ten people of working age have a job, with the situation only expected to worsen within the coming years, according to a new report by Statistics South Africa and the Institute for Race Relations. These figures are especially low when compared to many similar economies, while the figure is lowest 

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