Cornerstone Moves to Improve Student Experience

Cornerstone Institute is committed to offering its students the finest thought and practice, exceptional service, teaching excellence, affordability and ease of access.

Cornerstone creates vibrant learning environments where students are exposed to a total learning experience, irrespective of whether they are on campus or studying online.

On Friday, 21 October, to improve student experiences, Cornerstone CTO Blaine Lomberg and his team met with two partner organisations to discuss accessibility and data management on our campus and online

At The Gate

Accessibility and ease of access for students, staff and visitors were at the forefront of Blaine’s meeting with At The Gate (ATG). This access control provider is partnering with Cornerstone to super charge frictionless movement in and out of the institution’s premises all the while collecting data on people coming in and leaving the premises as a key security feature.

This partnership aims to heighten student experience using advanced access technology. Our CTO and the ATG team came together to co-develop a solution that would address the congestion challenge whilst lessening the time spent queueing.

On arrival at Cornerstone Institute campus, visitors are greeted by the access control team, who manage the boom gate, allowing students, staff, and visitors to park on campus. The institution has decided in collaboration with ATG to create separate lanes for staff and students and is currently designing access cards with QR codes to allow access to campus in the most simple manner possible.

Once these are finalised, you can simply drive up, scan your card, and drive into campus.



Codespace is responsible for executing changes to the Cornerstone automatic administration system (AAS), and is a partner that the institution works with closely to create and fine-tune systems to ensure that they are as effective and user-friendly as possible.

Blaine and his team met with Codespace to discuss changes aimed at streamlining the registration process for staff and students. These changes focus on adjusting and streamlining the individual boards on the backend of the system to simplify the steps involved in registration and make it a faster and easier process for our students to go through.

The meeting with At the Gate and the meeting with Codespace are part of ongoing efforts from Cornerstone Institute to ensure that the organisation is using technological advances to aid it in its efforts to increase accessibility to higher education in South Africa.

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