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Do you worry about the state of the world? Do you genuinely want to further your career and education? Is leaving a lasting legacy important for you? Are you looking for more than just a qualification? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Cornerstone Institute is for you. At Cornerstone, we help you realise your life’s purpose and grow your ambition and take your place in a vibrant and thriving economy. Together, we will learn to change the world.

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At Cornerstone Institute we source the best faculty and, through quality education, ensure that our graduates are able to make a difference through their fields of study. These include Psychology, Ethics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Business, Education, Sociology and Community Development. We seek to share a compelling story, underpinned by a philosophy of education that conveys, transfers and embeds the core values of the Institution.

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Cornerstone Institute as a private higher education institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training. All our programmes are accredited by the Council of Higher Education and appear on the SAQA National Qualifications Framework. Registered as Cornerstone Institute (RF) NPC with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997. Registration Certificate No. 2001/HE08/006.

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“When I started studying at Cornerstone, I immediately felt welcomed. Im very introverted but there were people who offered help and I found that so amazing.”
Claudia Brown
BA Psychology, 3rd Year
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“I did my BA in Psychology online while I was travelling around the world. It was a wonderful experience because the lecturers were always available to assist me.”

Jenna-May Kaschula
BPsych Equivalent Student


Teaching and learning in the service of others to advance human dignity and social justice for all.


Our integrative teaching approach inspires critical engagement, innovation and research to generate knowledge that benefits humanity


Don’t let finances hold you back. Financial assistance is available just ask our student advisors what options are available to you.


Become an active and critical part of a learning community made up of students and lecturers from more than 20 countries.

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