Two Interns take on the IT Industry

I enjoyed my internship with Cornerstone Institute the staff are friendly, and I have learnt a lot from my time working with the team.– Fatima Mahlaba, Cornerstone IT intern 2022

On the 20th of July, Cornerstone Institute bid farewell to two IT interns from the Life Choices Academy who spent the last month working with our IT team lead, Adeola Poroye.

Tursha Arendse and Fatima Mahlaba worked on several projects, including data cleaning, data validation, and data preparation.

Each intern was also tasked with developing a complete news and media website for an academic institution and had to work on separate projects intended to build their capacity from the ground up, to meet various IT business competencies.

I really enjoyed the month of my internship at Cornerstone Institute. I learned a lot during my time there. The team in the office was amazing to work with. They were all very welcoming and made me feel like more than just another team member, I’ll always remember them by that. – Tursha Arendse, Cornerstone IT intern 2022

Fatima was developing a modernised digital library website, and Tursha was doing the same for an academic website. These projects were in line with Cornerstone Institute’s IT department’s objectives to revamp and accelerate the organisation to serve a more modern digital experience.

We are grateful to Life Choices Academy for providing these two interns with the necessary skills to engage and participate in the IT industry as they prepare to join the working world.

We appreciate the dedication and hard work that Fatima and Tursha displayed across the tasks that were assigned to them. We are glad to have had these two interns join our team for the month and proud to have been part of their professional journeys.

We hope our team has been a learning place for them and wish them excellent career success as they move on!

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