Department of Theology & Ethics

1. Theology and Ethics relevant for Today


The department offers a contemporary approach to the study of ecumenical theology and ethics in order to nourish discerning leaders for urbanized contexts

The department does this by reflecting on the intersection of faith and society in an urbanized African context with cognizance of the struggle(s) for human dignity and social justice. 

These reflections are placed in the everyday complexities and the dynamics of communities and in light of a hopeful future of the life-giving and loving God.

We therefore engage in the studies of Theology and Ethics by asking appropriate, critical and contemporary questions that impacts on personal life, church, communities and society.  And thereby, respond to the broader task of how to live faithfully and justly-orientated amidst the diversities and complexities of our worlds in a responsible and embodied manner. 

We encourage critical and constructive studies that nourish religious leaders who are theological grounded and thus, Christ centered, Spirit-filled, ecumenical orientated, Biblical rooted, sound inter-faith dialogue partners, inclusive, eco and child-friendly. We further encourage the religious leaders to live with an ethical alertness and resilience towards the challenges and opportunities of the local, global and future world in light of the gospel. 

The department engages in ethical leadership studies which encourages scholars, from various disciplines, to become sound interdisciplinary scholars and agile leaders who are capable of engaging with the diversities of our local and global contexts in a respectful and hospitable manner. 

We foster leadership that encourages leaders (theological and ethical) to become discerning dialogue partners that part-take through their vocation (in everyday work) in the embodiment of just, dignified and life-giving practices for the well-being of all.     

Thus leaders who are well grounded in the love of God and enabled to make a difference in the various contexts of local churches, communities, the work place and that of society.  


Is the relationship between leadership and integrity important to you? Have you been called to bring about change through the Gospel, whether in church, in the marketplace or in society as a whole?

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