Cornerstone Institute and Oxford University Press Address Textbook Piracy in Upcoming Critical Dialogue

In the wake of escalating textbook piracy in academia, Cornerstone Institute, collaborating with Oxford University Press, is set to host a Critical Dialogue on October 19, 2023. This event will address “The Impact of Textbook Piracy in Higher Education” and its far-reaching consequences on educational quality.

The dialogue will feature a diverse panel, including academic leaders, publisher representatives, and students.

The lineup of speakers features Dr. Susan Gredley, the academic lead of the BA Alternative Education department at Cornerstone Institute; Dr. Shaun Viljoen, the Deputy Dean of Education at Cornerstone Institute; Elton Splinter, a dedicated student pursuing his BA Psychology at Cornerstone Institute; Janine Loedolff, the Publishing Manager for Higher Education at Oxford University Press; and Dr. Glenda Cox, a senior lecturer in the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at the University of Cape Town.

Textbook piracy, marked by the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted educational content, poses an increasing threat to academia. Such activities compromise the earnings of content creators and reduce global academic standards.

Leading the charge against piracy within the publishing sector, particularly concerning the unauthorised reproduction and distribution of copyrighted books and literary works, is the Publisher’s Association of South Africa (PASA). Their dedicated anti-piracy project aims to protect authors’ rights, ensure equitable compensation, and promote ethical access to literature.

Alarming findings from the 2021 Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) reveal a troubling trend in South African literacy rates. The decline in reading comprehension scores from 2016 to 2021 underscores the urgent need to prioritise literacy and fully comprehend the influence of legitimate educational materials on academic success.

In response to South Africa’s performance in the PIRLS study, Oxford University Press has introduced solution-driven publications targeting early-grade learners in Reading, Mathematics, and Interventions. These publications stand as a testament to Oxford’s dedication to research and intervention, offering hope and practical solutions to the educational challenges faced by South Africa.

Be part of this critical dialogue, an essential catalyst for addressing piracy’s adverse impacts on literacy.

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About Cornerstone Institute: An independent, not-for-profit institution, Cornerstone champions teaching and learning, advancing human dignity and social justice.

About Oxford University Press: With over a century of experience in South Africa, Oxford stands as a paragon of educational excellence, uplifting educators and students.

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