Birthday: 20

Nationality: Zimbabwean

Home Language: English and isiXhosa

Programme: BA majoring in Psychology

Start Year: 2017

Previous School: Silikamva High School

Local City: Hout Bay, Cape Town


I was sent to Cornerstone Institute through a Community Merit Partner, Ubuntu Africa, a non-profit organisation based in Hout Bay. I am studying psychology in order to help people suffering from mental diseases.

I am studying this program I chose not necessarily for my benefit but for others. I have a great interest in knowing or gaining knowledge about why and how people behave in a certain way. I have seen that not many people are given the support they require but only those who can afford it can access mental health services.

This degree will be of benefit to me because it can actually help me to pursue my dream of having a non-profit organisation that looks out for young girls who come from a poor background. I am a feminist with one vision for a girl child and that is to change the perception that girls cannot really achieve anything. After I have completed my studies I hope to have a fully established non-profit organisation for girls called `I am a Girl child` and by the time I complete my studies, I am hoping that it will be almost running and I will commit my professional life to the work of this organisation.

Cornerstone Institute
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