The SRC exists to serve the student body by promoting the interests and welfare of students, coordinating student activities, providing leadership which will direct students toward wholeness, representing students on joint faculty/student committees and planning various social events. The student body elects the council each year. The SRC works closely with the Director of Student Services in serving the student community.

Students who have private concerns or grievances with others in the Cornerstone community, which do not involve violations of institutional standards, should first try to resolve their conflicts with those involved. (In most cases, discussion on a one-to-one basis is advised.) There are times, however, when a student may feel such an attempt at clarification was inadequate or misunderstood, leaving the conflict unresolved. If this situation occurs, the student may make an appointment with the Director of Student Services, who will discuss the concern with the student and help him or her locate resources to resolve the problem.
Cornerstone offers professional counselling services through the Psychology Department. Further details can be obtained from the head of this department or the Director of Student Services.

Desire Stone

Finance Officer and Welfare Officer

I am Desire’ Stone, a third year student studying BA Psychology. The aim that I have for myself this year is to be the best that I can be and to inspire others to be the best that they can be. I study Psychology to take the knowledge that I have and put it into action in the mission field. I would love to work with youth, women and traumatized victims. It is my hope to see others flourish from a place of darkness. I was born in Pretoria, but lived in Cape Town almost my whole life. I like taking walks with my doggy, he is my baby. I love rain just because I get to wear pretty clothes and scarf.

I have the honour this year to serve as a financial officer and welfare officer in the SRC. This entails that together with the rest of the SRC that I will walk alongside students who have disability difficulties. I help in the financial department with gathering finances so the whole student body can enjoy activities and great food. Furthermore, I, together with the rest of the SRC, represent the student body in financial meetings or any related meetings that form part of the SRC. I am here to help students, walk with students and create the space for students to feel happy, secure and valued.

Kendall Byne-Ross

President and Communications Officer

I am Kendall Byne-Ross and I am in my final year of undergrad. I chose to study Theology and Psychology together as it is my hope to integrate the two with a view of bringing healing and wholeness to others. I grew up in Cape Town between the Southern Suburbs and the Cape Flats. I love the beach, motorcycling, good food, fellow humans, and Jesus (not in that order).

I have been elected to serve as the President and Communications Officer of the SRC for 2018. This great honour means that I, in collaboration with the rest of the SRC, work towards the implementation of the goals and objectives set. Part of my duty is also to represent the student body at events, chair SRC meetings and be the spokesperson of the SRC, communicate with Cornerstone’s management team, and ensure cohesion within the SRC. Furthermore, as Communications officer, I also see to it that students are always in the loop when it comes to Cornerstone happenings.

Kirsty Schumacher

Secretary and Newsletter Editor

My name is Kirsty Schumacher. I am a second year student majoring in Psychology. I am the secretary and the editor of the student newsletter for the SRC. The secretary handles agendas and minutes for the SRC and makes sure that everyone is organized and on the same page in terms of what needs to be done in the SRC. The editor of the newsletter does not need much explaining. I assign different topics to the students working on the newsletter, and then edit and put the articles/newsletter together.

Although considered a quiet person when first meeting me, I am a warm, bubbly and approachable person. I am also quite loud when I want to be. A passion of mine, and something that I would love to do with my career, is helping people. I also have a love for animals. I have two cats – Huntsburger and Gilmore – who were named after certain characters from the TV series, Gilmore Girls, one of my favourite TV shows. I love sitting in a coffee shop with a good book, coffee and a croissant – definitely a good break from the busyness of work and studies.

Nicola Cupida

Campus Life Coordinator and Diversity and Recreational Officer

I’m Nicola Cupido, a 3rd year BA Psychology student. I went to Langeberg Secondary where I was on my schools SRC as well. I love people and socializing therefore I find my position on the SRC to be exciting and fun. Being part of the student body and being able to create an environment where students from different backgrounds can connect, is something that I find exciting.

My roles on the SRC are Campus Life Coordinator and Diversity and Recreational Officer. My duties include upholding the ethos of Cornerstone. With SRC events and activities it’s my duty to promote a community centred environment. Also be part of the growth of campus life committees. As the Diversity and Recreation Officer it’s my duty to promote cultural diversity within the student body, also be responsible for the social, cultural and recreational events and SRC activities.

Nikita Botha

Vice President and Academics Officer

My name is Nikita Botha and I am a Theology and Psychology major. I love learning, engaging and being around people who challenge and encourage me to be a better version of me. I love the outdoors, eating yummy food and spending time with my friends. There is nothing better than being given opportunities to lead and grow. It is a privilege to serve on the SRC, especially as the Academic’s officer and Vice President. My role is to be the voice between students and lecturers concerning academics as well as to represent the students in different meetings and panels. We, as the SRC, are striving to unite the students of Cornerstone and make it an institution that equips ordinary people to make an extraordinary difference in the communities they are in.