The SRC exists to serve the student body by promoting the interests and welfare of students, coordinating student activities, providing leadership which will direct students toward wholeness, representing students on joint faculty/student committees and planning various social events. The student body elects the council each year. The SRC works closely with the Director of Student Services in serving the student community.

Students who have private concerns or grievances with others in the Cornerstone community, which do not involve violations of institutional standards, should first try to resolve their conflicts with those involved. (In most cases, discussion on a one-to-one basis is advised.) There are times, however, when a student may feel such an attempt at clarification was inadequate or misunderstood, leaving the conflict unresolved. If this situation occurs, the student may make an appointment with the Director of Student Services, who will discuss the concern with the student and help him or her locate resources to resolve the problem.
Cornerstone offers professional counselling services through the Psychology Department. Further details can be obtained from the head of this department or the Director of Student Services.

Callie Plojoux

Callie Plojoux is a Bachelor of Theology student majoring in Psychology. She enjoys learning about both God and people. Her passion is to integrate the two beyond the walls of a classroom and inspire people to be part of a strong community while seeking after Christ. Having gone through a process of emotional and spiritual healing herself, she loves to see people grow and be healed. Callie believes that people were meant to be complete, flourishing in their gifts and talents, while being strong in identity and passionate to make a change in the world. She endeavours to pour her life into seeing growth in every person she befriends.

Matipaishe Maruta

Matipaishe Maruta is a BA student majoring in psychology. She is from Harare, Zimbabwe. Her interest in psychology originated from various personal experiences and the observations of others around her. She is highly ambitious and loves chasing after her dreams. For Matipaishe, giving up is never an option. She applies herself in the best way possible to whatever she does. She is passionate about contributing to the welfare of the students at Cornerstone Institute, where individuals thrive and the collective flourishes. Her aim is to build a sense of community within the university.

Khalipha Ntloko

Khalipha Ntloko, is a BA Psychology student from Port Elizabeth. Having come from various leadership roles, she understands that being a part of the SRC does not make her any better than others, but puts her in a position to serve the student body. Khalipha firmly believes that her generation can be quite influential, and is motivated to use her influence to bring about positive changes that would be beneficial to all students of Cornerstone Institute.

Jolene Barnes

Ready, set, go! That is Jolene Barnes, always ready for a challenge or adventure; set on having fun while doing it, and going the extra mile to ensure that those around her share the excitement. She has completed studies in Public Relations Management, Labour Relations, Sales and Marketing as well as
Customer Service and is currently busy with a BA in Sociology. Jolene has served in leadership positions in various church and youth organizations and has a passion for working with people, especially youth. Serving others and being able to play a part in their transformation is where Jolene draws her strength from.

Gillmore Nakita Manter

Gillmore Nakita Manter strives to have a positive impact on people’s lives. She believes that one should be encouraging to others and assist those who are really struggling. Showing kindness is important to her even if that kindness is not returned. Being accepting of others no matter what their appearance or background is also something Gillmore encourages. To Gillmore, it is important to bring joy to others so she strives to make this a daily habit.

Bronwyn Nell

Bronwyn Nell is excited yet challenged by the opportunity she has in her active role in serving the Cornerstone community. She aspires to be humble and vulnerable enough to learn as many skills as possible during her time in this capacity. Bronwyn looks forward to fulfilling her duties courageously while encouraging family-like unity. Being passionately led by God, she strives to be bold in her actions and stand for what she believes in. Bronwyn aspires to show true compassion for others, grow authentically and desires her service to be a matter of the heart rather than of authority.

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