Age: 20

Nationality: South African

Home Language: English

Programme: BA Academic Development majoring in Psychology

Start Year: 2017

Previous School: Steenberg High School

Local City: Cape Town


I’m Sasha. Outside of school, I love to sing, dance, and meet new people. During school I like to work with people too – I’m studying psychology at Cornerstone, and when I graduate I want to work as a family counsellor for people who don’t normally have the resources to pay for professional counselling.

I really want to work with kids also. I remember how challenging it was to even get to this point. I never imagined I could end up with a degree, and graduating from Cornerstone would establish me as exactly the type of role model I want to be for the kids I’ll work with. Being here is empowering – it means I can truly do anything I set my mind towards – and it’s fun: I’m super excited about our hands-on approach, and later on during my degree program I’ll get the chance to sit in on actual counselling sessions with qualified experts. 

This is how I choose to make my impact on the next generation. Please support me in my journey.

Cornerstone Institute
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