Birthday: 13 February 1994

Nationality: South African

Home Language: English

Programme: BPsych Equivalent Honours (Practicum)

Start Year: 2018

Previous School: False Bay College

Local City: Cape Town


I am 24 years old, moved to Lakeside a year ago, I am married, living with my husband.

When I was in my second year, my parents divorced and soon after my father, the sole provider for our family moved out.

I am the first to access tertiary education from both my mother and father’s side of the family and I will be the first of all my cousins to graduate with a tertiary qualification.

A higher education qualification will mean a great deal for me and my family. Two years ago I embarked on a mission and started with the Higher Certificate in Community Counselling knowing very well my end goal would be a degree in Psychology, I remained determined and continued with my Honours in the BPsych Equivalent Programme.

Thus far I have surpassed my dreams and still continuing to do so.

Cornerstone Institute
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