Passing the Torch: The 2022 SRC sends encouragement to the SRC of 2023

At Cornerstone Institute, we were inspired and motivated by the outgoing Student Representative Council (SRC) – they left a lasting legacy.

The SRC of 2022 showcased its commitment to making Cornerstone Institute a better place for students. From organizing events, supporting student initiatives, and advocating for changes to benefit Cornerstone students, the outgoing SRC embodied leadership qualities.

We acknowledge and applaud them for their service as they have contributed to the student experience and representation through remarkable effort and dedication over the past year.

As the new academic year commences, the incoming SRC of 2023 prepares to take on the mantle of leadership and continue the great work of its predecessors. In a message to the incoming SRC, the outgoing SRC of 2022 expressed their best wishes and offered words of encouragement.

They emphasized the importance of teamwork, a servant’s heart, and having fun while impacting the community positively.

Skye Devy, an outgoing SRC member, shared her thoughts on her experiences with the SRC and her hopes for the incoming members:

“Congratulations on taking a step forward in growth. This upcoming year will be filled with learning and empowerment for you and your fellow Cornerstone students.

I hope all goes well and you achieve every goal for 2023. I had one of the most extraordinary years as an SRC member as I built strong connections with my team.

I pray that this may be your experience, too, and that you may create lasting memories. Good luck, and I cannot wait to see you thrive next year.”

Rachel Alford, the outgoing Campus Life Coordinator, wished them success and encouraged them to stay true to their mission:

“This is such an exciting journey that you have all begun. You have taken an oath to serve, and I hope you take that seriously.

You all have the opportunity to create change and support students. If you work together, so much can be achieved. There is much potential in the SRC of 2023. Work together, have a servant’s heart, and have fun.

I hope that you have a productive year of individual and team growth. All of the best. Go smash it!”

The SRC of 2023 has a unique chance to shape the future of Cornerstone Institute and enhance the overall experience for students. With their zeal, energy, and creativity, they will do remarkable work in the upcoming year.

Cornerstone Institute
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