Birthday: 2/16/1987 (Age 30)

Nationality: Zimbabwe

Home Language: Oth

Programme: Postgraduate Certificate in Education IP

Start Year: 2017

Previous School: Pan African Christian College

Local City: Knysna


My name is Maureen. I am studying for my Postgraduate Certificate in Education because I have an eye towards the future. I want to be a professional teacher, and this program lets me enhance my teaching and learning skills.  This degree will help me so much because I love teaching with all my heart, and I get immense joy from seeing people motivated to learn.

I absolutely love children, and the PCGE is one step towards fulfilling my dream of developing and shaping my community through teaching. Growing up in a place where many of the other children dropped out of school has inspired me, and one day I hope to set up my own school where all learners feel welcome.

I want to impact the world by empowering others. My biggest goal is to train and equip members of my community to the point where they can all become employed, because that way they can continue to practice and learn for their entire lives. Every child is talented, and my PCGE will help me to help them realize their potential.

Cornerstone Institute
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