Leading the Way: Get to Know the New SRC of Cornerstone Institute

On the 8th of November 2022, we interviewed the 2023 Student Representative Council (SRC) of Cornerstone Institute.

The team comprises five new faces, along with Elton Splinter, who is returning to serve the Cornerstone community for an additional year after serving as Secretary of the SRC in 2022.

We asked about their feelings regarding their new roles and goals for the 2023 academic year to get to know this dynamic team.

They expressed a feeling of responsibility and dedication toward their new roles, while some members shared feelings of nervousness about their new responsibilities.

Now, meet your 2023 SRC!


President and Campus Life Coordinator: Selah Kelsey

Selah is currently studying for a BA in Psychology with aspirations to go into pediatric psychology and potentially write books for children.

She believes that the position of president will suit her because she generally cares about the well-being of others, even though she did not set out with the goal of becoming one.

Her objective in working with the SRC team is to ensure that the needs and demands of students will be addressed and heard.

“While we have titles now, that doesn’t elevate us. It drops us because our job is to serve people, whether at their feet or by their side. It is our responsibility now, which is heavy, but it’s good. It’s a good thing to understand.”


Deputy President and Academic Affairs Officer: Angela Altern

As the deputy president, she will support the president within her role.

Angela said she wants to support the academic curriculum, especially for first-year students.

She expressed concern for the challenges first-year students might experience when navigating the academic system for the first time and seeking assistance.

Because of this, she wants to explore what academic assistance looks like for the entire student body and develop strategies for fostering thriving spaces for online learners, too.

Her role as deputy president is to support the president, but she emphasized that all members of the SRC were appointed because they are leaders in their own right and can fill roles when needed.

“Someone identified leadership inside of us. So yes, we have a president and a deputy president, but other people can step in and fill those roles.”


Treasurer: Elton Splinter

Most students are already familiar with Elton Splinter, who is returning to the SRC in 2023 to serve as the Treasurer.

After considering his great experience with the SRC in 2022, Elton opted to serve again. He expressed his excitement about joining a bigger SRC team this year and his optimism that they will be capable of bringing about significant changes and placing greater emphasis on individual and team goals.

“With a bigger SRC team this year, and everybody really on board and excited, I think it will be easier for us to meet our goals. There are more of us, we can focus more on individual things, and there are more of us to work on the team goals. I think we will be able to make some real changes.”


Secretary & Communication and Public Relations Officer: Talita Bouwer

Talita Bouwer, the incoming Secretary of the 2023 SRC and the Communication and Public Relations Officer shared her thoughts on her new role in the SRC.

She is particularly excited about her role in communication, and her goal is to improve communication so that more people are aware of Cornerstone and what we offer.

She emphasized the value of establishing a digital presence and increasing visibility for high school students, many of whom need clarification about their next steps after matriculation.

“We live in a virtual world, you know. I think if we can establish that, more students will be exposed to Cornerstone.”


Diversity and Recreational Officer: Dylan Cilliers

As a first-year student in 2022, Dylan understands how stressful the transition to university can be and the importance of feeling included.

“As an online student, I felt like I was doing things alone. I think what would have helped me would have been more inclusive things, to make you feel like you’re not alone – that could be a great motivation to help people succeed in their studies. There is more that could be done.”

Dylan is excited about the opportunity to help students feel included and to guide them to the resources and people that can help to aid students when they struggle or face obstacles.


PGCE Support and Student Welfare Officer: Chante Venter

Chante said she feels a little overwhelmed but excited about her new role.

She aims to ensure that the Cornerstone campus is accessible to all students and assist students with disabilities or who are otherwise disadvantaged in accessing opportunities and achieving their goals.

She refers to her challenges due to her disabilities and expresses a commitment to offering support to anyone who could be dealing with a similar predicament.

“There were days when my disabilities came into play, and I had someone on campus who assisted me then and made arrangements to make things easier. Now I can be that for someone, and I love that.”

The new SRC team has set several goals for 2023, and they have already started working on them.

As Elton Splinter said, “We’re going to hit the road running.”

The new SRC team has already begun working on the objectives they have set for 2023.

Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. Cornerstone Institute is excited to have such a strong team of students to lead the SRC in 2023.


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