Birthday: 2/8/1993 (Age 24)

Nationality: South African

Home Language: English

Programme: BPsych Equivalent

Start Year: 2017

Previous School: Cornerstone

Local City: Mitchells Plain


Hello, my name is Kelly. I was inspired to enrol in the Bpsych programme because I have always been very interested in community and youth development. I hope to use the skills I gain here to build up my own ideas for community development projects. 

My immediate goal is to successfully obtain my BPsych degree. The degree in itself would mean a lot to me and my family because I’ll be the first one of us to ever obtain an honours degree. I’m so grateful to my parents for their support, and I want to show them that what they’ve done for me is being put to good use. In a practical sense, that also means I’m excited about the opportunity to use my skills in an organized setting.

The occupation I hope to pursue one day is to become a registered counsellor. With this qualification, I hope to build an organisation that focuses on youth development in economically disadvantaged communities. My vision is for an organisation that empowers young people via workshops on life skills and entrepreneurial skills so that they too can go out and make a difference.

Cornerstone Institute
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