Birthday: 11/17/1970 (Age 47)

Nationality: South African

Home Language: Afrikaans

Programme: Postgraduate Certificate in Education IP

Start Year: 2016

Previous School: University of Johannesburg

Local City: Melkbosstra


My name is Karen. I am in my second year of studying towards completing my Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I am studying the PGCE course because I want to teach as a professional. I began my professional career studying for and then joining on to the corporate financial track. I enjoyed my time in that circle and gained valuable experience in management, marketing, and corporate training. Now that I’ve changed tact and decided to enter the teaching profession, I know I need to learn a lot in order to become the type of teacher I want to be. The PGCE is not the end for me, and I hope to continue my studies once I finish this program.

So far, this course has been an amazing adventure of learning. I’ve learned practical skills I can apply in the classroom, and the content overall has been challenging and motivating for me as a teacher. In my current position as a volunteer teacher, I am gaining invaluable experience in teaching an inclusive classroom. Our school specifically includes children with Down Syndrome, but we also teach children with other challenges in learning. 

I have big dreams with this degree. For starters, it will enable me to teach in any school in the country. My heart lies especially with our previously disadvantaged schools and children with learning challenges, and that’s one of the areas where I’ve been proud to have already begun to make a difference as a volunteer teacher for the last four years.

I hope to create opportunities for many, many children to gain affordable, quality, inclusive education. I have a dream to one day start a school in my own community.  It is my great delight to see children thrive, learn and make history.

Cornerstone Institute
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