Junior Developer Gives Back To Her Alma Mater

Nadine, a graduate of the Life Choices Academy, an NPO that creates opportunities for the youth in order to tackle inequality, joined Cornerstone Institute in 2021 as part of a mutual transformational employment exchange between NPOs serving in the social justice space.

Cornerstone Institute Junior Developer Nadine Fortuin recently visited her former college to inspire its current students.

Blaine Lomberg, Chief Technology Officer at Cornerstone, joined Nadine at her alma mater to share insights with its current students on future career possibilities in the digital technology space.

Blaine and Nadine used their professional experience to inspire learners by sharing and motivating using their stories of what it is like working in the IT sector as front-end and back-end developers. Nadine is passionate about this particular subject area and wants to pursue it further with a degree in Software Engineering.

According to Blaine, “More minds are being inspired thanks to this collaboration between Cornerstone and Life Choices Campus. Hopefully, this collaboration will continue to nurture more young minds into successful, powerful instruments of change.”

The event generated many questions and answers that caused a buzz of excitement in the room. This collaborative event between Cornerstone Institute and Life Choices saw discussions guiding students on real-world challenges and expectations from the marketplace and equipping them with the necessary insights into securing a successful career.

To learn more about Nadine’s alma mater, Life Choices Academy visit, https://www.lifechoices.co.za/academy

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