Birthday: 21

Nationality: South African

Home Language: English

Programme: BA majoring in Psychology

Start Year: 2015

Previous School: St. Johns High School, Bangalore India

Local City: Cape Town


I grew up in India with her missionary parents. I have a strong passion for psychology. I’ve been interested in the subject since I was 14 and started a two-year course on it at 15. After completing high school, I started studying at Cornerstone Institute, for a B.A. in Psychology. I love the topic and am passionate about working with people, particularly in a hospital setting. I am hoping to eventually graduate with a Master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology.

This degree would help propel me closer to my overall goal of attempting Masters. It would also be an opportunity for my family to change over time. My siblings and I are the first generation in my family to study further than high school. This would help me eventually help my family financially.

A few years ago my father was diagnosed with meningitis. He was quite ill, and my family does not have medical aid. So he was admitted to a public hospital. However, the public hospital in the community did not have a neuropsychologist to treat him, which he direly needed whilst undergoing medical treatment. I’m hoping to go back and work at that same hospital to provide service of a neuropsychologist to the community.

Judith has applied for financial aid.

Cornerstone Institute
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