Age: 34

Nationality: South African

Language: English

Programme: BTh majoring in Psychology

Start Year: 2017

Previous School: Cornerstone Institute

Local City: Parklands


My name is Jo-Anne. I grew up in a small refinery town called Secunda, where my dad worked in an oil refinery business and my mom was a secretary. When I was 12 years old, my parents decided to dream big by purchasing their own business and moving us to the mother city.

Personally, I’ve chosen this path in higher education because I want to develop the skills I need to effectively work with people as a trainer and therapist. My voluntary mission work in townships and settlements exposed me to the difficulties many people endure in South Africa; this formative experience hasn’t left me, and I’m committed to helping those people however I can. I hold myself to the highest of standards, and my faith-based approach to my studies inspires me to work hard every day. 

This degree will empower me to assist those in need of help in our community. I want to work in a church, but the skills I acquire here extend beyond just the church building. I aspire to impact lives. I would love to do training sessions to equip people with some of the skills I’ve learned, and my ultimate ambition is to form an educational program that will provides students with the supportive environment they need to succeed. 

Cornerstone Institute
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