29 July 2022, 10:00 - 14:30


R500 for 3 CPDs



The different faces of guilt

Presented by:

Dr Odette Geldenhuys

Senior lecturer Cornerstone Institute Psychology Faculty

Hosted by:

The Department of Psychology, Cornerstone Institute

About the presenter

Dr. Odette Geldenhuys is a senior lecturer at Cornerstone Institute in the Psychology department. Working abroad as a psychologist, play therapist and counsellor, her passion to work within the scope of psychotherapy (using an eclectic approach) supporting families, children and staff of educational institutions made her become aware of the unspoken emotions that affect a person’s well-being.

Dr Odette Geldenhuys

Senior lecturer Cornerstone Institute Psychology Faculty


The aim of the workshop is to create a sense of awareness that guilt is so much more than just an abstract noun. Due to its complex nature, we are aware of what guilt is but the many faces of guilt has an effect on our well-being and we need to be aware how this influences our life in all settings (school, house, marriage, children, work, friends, family)

What will be covered?

Case studies

Case studies will be presented

Guilt Complex?

What is a Guilt Complex? Unpacking the abstract emotion and seeing its many faces

Guilt in trauma

Guilt in trauma – what does this do to you?

 Characteristics of guilt

Characteristics of guilt – guilt is so much more than what we think. Understanding that we are looking at a complex entity that affects so much more in your life

Causes of guilt

Causes of guilt – the effect guilt has in your everyday life

Types of guilt

Types of guilt- eye-opening moments of how guilt appears in your life without you even noticing it


Treatment – I know now I am experiencing guilt and need help – What do I have to do?

Coping with guilt

Coping with guilt – there is a support system, you are not alone



 To be more aware that guilt, if not spoken about, can influence your well-being.


To have tools to regulate guilt to be a mechanism of change.


To strengthen and build the participant’s sense of self, be aware of the many faces of guilt.

Please note that CPD points are with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)

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