Birthday: 23

Nationality: South African

Home Language: English

Programme: Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology

Start Year: 2016

Previous School: Durbanville High School

Local City: Melkbosstrand


My name is Desire Stone, I was born in Pretoria. My family and I relocated to Cape Town in 1998 and have lived here ever since.

I chose psychology because I want to work with people. I faced difficult situations in my life before and I came out even stronger and grew more positive. I believe that everybody needs a positive outlook and I would love to help people see the better aspects of life. While doing this I would love to work with women who suffer from traumatic experiences and also with victims of sexual assault and rape. I chose psychology because I love helping, encouraging and understanding different influences and developmental processes and knowing what to do to find yourself in a more positive state.

I would be able to understand the development that a person goes through and be able to help in those areas of a person’s life. I would be able to counsel on a level of knowledge and also empathy.  I would be able to use different techniques and models to assist individuals and the women that I want to work with.

Ultimately; I would love to be a motivational speaker and open an orphanage or a wellness centre for women.