Age: 23

Nationality: South African

Programme: BA majoring in Sociology

Start Year: 2016

Previous School: The South African College of Applied Psychology

Local City: Cape Town


My name is Danyal. I’m a sociology student at Cornerstone, and I live in Cape Town. I love being outdoors, and when I’m not in class I enjoy taking hikes, walking, and photography.

I’m studying for a degree in sociology for a variety of reasons. The key one, and a formative event in my life was my father’s murder in Gugulethu in 1998. That tragedy has driven me to study a field that will allow me to work in and help impoverished communities.

I originally began studying in psychology but transitioned to sociology as I found it resonated more with my own ambitions. The courses I’ve taken in sociology have helped me grow as an individual, and I’ve been taking note of how this academic journey has brought me closer to feeling fulfilled in myself.

On top of the official recognition, I’ll receive a degree, the programme is also building up my own confidence in my ability to spark change. I’ve already begun to tap into a broad, multicultural, and multi-directional support network; entry to the professional realm means my thoughts and ideas are heard and critically evaluated by other experts, which challenges me to excel in my studies.

The insight I’m gaining from Psychology and Sociology should help me make a positive impact on the lives of others. I’ll leave Cornerstone with the tools and perspective to truly make a difference in my community around me.

Cornerstone Institute
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