Cornerstone Institute Honours Student Publishes Self-Help Book

Cornerstone Institute student Kirstin Schumacher recently published her debut self-help Book titled “Good, Better, Best”.

A current psychology honours student, Kirstin spent two years of her undergraduate studies at Cornerstone Insitute before transferring to a more prominent public academic institution. Kirstin returned to cornerstone for her postgraduate studies because she felt that her experience at Cornerstone was better than at the other tertiary institution where she had enrolled.

While pursuing her academic studies, Kirstin experienced a painful breakup that had her depressed for a while. In the midst of navigating a tremendous heartache, Kirstin started writing to document what she was experiencing. The writings became a personal therapeutic outlet that helped Kirsten overcome her depression.

Once Kirstin went back and read what she had written, she soon realised that the content she had written to help herself could be helpful to others too. Kirstin has published these writings in her debut book.

Kirstin, who is pursuing a career in psychology because of her passion for helping people, turned the lessons learnt through a heartbreak into a self-help book that she hopes will help others as it helped her navigate difficult times.

Kirstin wants those who read her book to be inspired to overcome challenges and face life even in the midst of troubling circumstances.


To buy a copy of the book, contact Kirstin at The book is also available on the following platforms:

[Watch] Kirstin Schumacher talks about the painful journey that led to her writing her book, “Good, Better, Best”, and the value she has found in being a Cornerstone Institute Student:

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