Cornerstone Youth Month Recap 2022

Today on the last day of youth month, we are taking an opportunity to reflect on youth month 2022 at Cornerstone Institute.

Youth Day is an important public holiday in South Africa. This day is an opportunity to celebrate the talent, resilience and hope that lies within young people in our country.

Young people today share the same kind of passion as the youth of 1976. It is vital for us to keep finding ways to empower young people in society, especially as a higher education institution. Youth month is an opportunity to celebrate the youth of the past while being reminded to take note of and support the youth of today.

This youth month Cornerstone Institute hosted an event on the 18th of June, in collaboration with the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) to celebrate youth month while empowering the youth of today.

The Youth Day event was held at the new Cornerstone Institute campus in Sunningdale and set out to provide young people, as well as visiting teachers and faculty, some insight into life on our campus. Visitors were greeted by the recruitment team upon arrival and welcomed into a day in the life of a Cornerstone student. This included a tour of the campus, workshops with each department of the Cornerstone faculty, and time to get to know the common areas provided to students on our campus. Also available was career guidance provided by our Student Development Services, voter registration sessions in collaboration with the IEC, and various games and social opportunities in our main hall.

Several people mentioned that the setup of the event provided an innovative way to open a university campus to young people, by showcasing not just the building but giving them an experience of what a day on campus could comprise of.

In addition to having access to Cornerstone Institute facilities and lecturers, as well as the IEC, the 70 high school students representing Ikamva Youth, Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town and Ikasi Youth who attended the event were able to share some valuable insights on what youth month means to them.

The youth who attended shared sentiments that highlighted how grateful they are to the youth of the past for their sacrifices and acknowledged that they have the potential to change the world themselves and need to take action.

Young people today are often under-estimated and labelled as ignorant and unaware; however, the young people who celebrated at Cornerstone this month showed us that there is always hope for the future when we trust the youth.

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