Addressing the need for Registered Counsellors in South Africa

Cornerstone Institute is accepting applications for an unprecedented second yearly intake for the BPsych Equivalent programme. This intake is specifically designed for students who already have an Honours degree in Psychology.

The development of psychology in South Africa was initially linked to the oppressive apartheid regime and its racist ideology. This resulted in South African Psychology being inaccessible to many and lacking representation of different South African identities.  

Recent developments in South African psychology have included an understanding of South African social problems and an increase in the diversity of those producing knowledge. However, there are still many areas that need improvement.  

One area that needs attention in South African Psychology is the increased need for trained and registered counsellors and life skills facilitators focused on the psychological challenges present in under-resourced communities.

It is imperative for South African institutions to train more registered counsellors who can be effective in providing primary, preventative level mental health care. 

Cornerstone Institute has created a programme that addresses the need for trained and registered counsellors and life skills facilitators. This programme is designed to help students develop an integrated and relevant approach to counselling, equipping students with the skills they need to effectively work with and make a positive difference in the wellbeing of South African communities. 

Many students who complete an Honours degree in Psychology remain unsure on how best to use it or what to do after graduation and end up not contributing to South African Psychology because of this uncertainty. The Cornerstone Institute BPsych Equivalent Cohort programme provides a way to get practically involved with the psychology profession before or without completing a Master’s degree – a feat for which many students do not have the time or budget.

A BPsych Equivalent qualification allows students to register as counsellors with the HPCSA because it offers comprehensive practical placement integrated with academic and professional training. 

The unprecedented second yearly intake for the BPsych Equivalent programme will take place over 12 months. Students will focus on theoretical work for 6 months and complete a 6-month practical placement. 

BPsych Equivalent Cohort 2 programme graduates will find many job opportunities available to them. For example, they will be able to work as a counsellor in schools, Private Practice, NGOs, businesses, and many more spheres. 

Applications for this Intake will close on the 13th of May 2022. For requirements and more details on this programme, visit our website.


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