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Theo Mayekiso
Theo Mayekiso

Cornerstone Institute has seen countless students achieve their academic and professional goals. Among these is Theo Mayekiso, a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Community Development alumnus. He shares his story, hoping to inspire the next generation.

When asked what stood out about his time there, he emphasised: “The lecturers were not just presenting theory; they had been out there and were practicing what they taught.” This hands-on approach to education set the stage for something remarkable.

The BA Honours in Community Development programme enables students to expand their knowledge of theory and practice in community development grounded in community-focused research. Upon completion, students can analyse and apply foundational knowledge of community development theory and practice, gaining understanding and skills to facilitate collective actions in the context of communities.

Today, Theo stands as a beacon of inspiration for many. He now serves as a leadership development facilitator and community participation expert. But it wasn’t just his tenacity that got him there. His education at Cornerstone became the bedrock of his practical skills. “Having theory to back your actions makes you highly effective in community work,” he reflects.

Historically, community development was often associated with volunteerism. In recent years, however, it has evolved into a recognised and respected profession.

According to Henrietta Settler, the Sociology Programme Coordinator at Cornerstone Institute, community development as a profession is crucial. “It tackles social issues, empowers individuals and communities, enhances social cohesion, prevents problems, promotes social change, and builds sustainable communities. Practitioners in this field are vital in creating positive social impact and contributing to society’s well-being.”

Theo Mayekiso offers candid advice to aspiring students: “Many of us initially thought that Community Development would be a breeze, that success was guaranteed. But the truth is that it demands rigorous commitment and unwavering dedication. However, the reward is acquiring a unique and highly sought-after skill that our nation urgently needs.”

To the future game changers of Cornerstone Institute, Theo’s journey highlights the value of dedication, practical knowledge, and the profound impact of a well-rounded education.


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