Birthday: 5/27/1962 (Age 55)

Nationality: South African

Home Language: Afrikaans

Programme: Postgraduate Certificate in Education IP

Start Year: 2017

Previous School: Technikon SA

Local City: Riversdale


My name is Christilda Smith. I just began my Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Cornerstone in February, but I’ve been working with children as a teacher for 12 years now. I absolutely love what I do. I believe the future of our children lies in proper and enriching education. Every day I’m amazed at my students’ hunger to learn, and I believe it’s our generation’s responsibility to provide them with the tools they need to develop into steadfast and influential adults.

I believe communities with a sincere commitment to educators and learners will be better off for it, and I believe my degree programme here helps me contribute to that sort of community. My own desire to do good stems from my faith – in part I registered for this degree programme because doing so will qualify me to accept the position I’ve been offered as the Principal at Christlike academy.

In getting the education I feel is necessary for such an important position, I can better clarify and learn how to realize some of my visions for framing education as a never-ending process. I want to shape a school that is dedicated to maximizing learning opportunities and student potential. I also want to be principal of a school that can offer a supportive environment to all kinds of different learner types. South Africa is a nation of diversity, and the context I gather from this programme will help me to bring to fruition a learning community where students from all types of backgrounds can flourish. I treat my job as a privilege; it is an honour and a great responsibility to teach children, and I am absolutely committed to improving my own ability to do that through my studies at Cornerstone. 

Cornerstone Institute
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