The Business Studies Department


The Business Studies Department at the Cornerstone Institute is firmly committed to the following approach:

  • Global cutting-edge best practices in business
  • Excellent student and stakeholder support
  • Ethical integrity for all

Our focus is on students and employees who have yet to have the opportunity of post-school education. For those without the necessary level of Maths, we offer an entry-level Higher Certificate in Business Studies, which scaffolds into our BCom, where we offer a choice of majors in Operations, Human Capital Management, Marketing, and Economics.

We recognize that the world of work is changing fundamentally and that many of the old ways of doing things are no longer relevant. We aim to ensure that we equip our students with relevant knowledge and practical skills to prepare them to build their careers in these new times.

Our modules are underpinned by 21st-century skills imperative to the changing world of work. These modules are informed by research with employers in the private and public sectors and introduce our students to topics such as artificial intelligence, strategy deployment, business process automation, agile design, human capital, and customer experience.

Our teaching and learning are based on well-tested theoretical models combined with new pedagogical research, and we offer a flexible set of schedules to accommodate those currently working and those who are not. Our senior lecturing staff have multiple years of experience in the business world, so they are keenly aware of the requirements to develop a successful career in business.

Nowadays, to fully understand business, it is imperative to understand what is happening in South Africa and on our continent and appreciate developments across the globe. We are committed to ensuring our students leave Cornerstone with this perspective and these insights. Thereby, whatever setting they find themselves in, they will be empowered to change their own world and the worlds of others around them.

We invite you to email us at or call 021 4480050 ext. 2385. We will be pleased to answer any questions you have.

Nakuze Chalomba

PhD Digital Business Management

Sharon Brand

BCom, BPharm, MBA

Solomon Olanrewaju

BCom Honours

Mashford Zenda

PHD in Sustainable Agriculture (Agriculture Economics)

Ennie Chirara

BCom Honours Industrial Psychology

Cornerstone Institute
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