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Zeldah Tshimbana Shares Her Enriching Experience

Zeldah Tshimbana found her time at Cornerstone Institute to be a truly enriching experience. She studied for the Bachelor of Arts Honors in Psychology and the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in the Foundation Phase.

“I enjoyed studying at Cornerstone, and I loved the small classes and interacting with my classmates,” she recalls. Zeldah particularly cherished the diversity at Cornerstone, as it allowed her to meet people from various backgrounds and languages, broadening her perspectives. She emphasizes, “I loved meeting people from different backgrounds who speak different languages. The lectures made learning fun by interacting with students.”

One of the standout features for Zeldah was Cornerstone Institute’s strong community and support network. “I love that Cornerstone has a psychological support team that helps you when you are stressed and struggling to cope with the workload. They help you to balance life with school,” she explains.

At Cornerstone we have a Student Development & Support team that partners with students in their academic journey, walking alongside them from orientation to graduation, ensuring that they finish triumphantly.

She says this support system was crucial in balancing life and school, ensuring she could thrive personally and academically.

For current and prospective students, Zeldah advises being prepared and proactive. “Be prepared. Read before class. Work hard, attend classes all the time, submit your work on time,” she advises. Asking questions for clarification and using academically accredited sources for assignments are essential practices that will set a strong foundation for academic success. “Ask for clarity when you don’t understand topics. Use academically accredited sources for your assignments,” she adds.

One of Zeldah’s most memorable experiences was presenting her independent research project on the impact of depression in the auditorium. “I enjoyed presenting in the auditorium with guests about the impact of depression for my independent research project with my group members,” she shares. Listening to her classmates’ presentations was equally inspiring, as their dedication and passion were evident and motivating. “I was amazed by how dedicated they were,” she reflects.

With her Bachelor of Arts Honors in Psychology, Zeldah plans to apply for a Master’s in Counseling or Clinical Psychology. Additionally, her PGCE in the Foundation Phase will facilitate her pursuit of teaching positions in primary schools.

Cornerstone has prepared her well for these paths by equipping her with essential skills and practical experience. The practical teaching experience at Cornerstone was instrumental in preparing Zeldah for a career in education. “Doing my teaching practicals has prepared me to become a teacher with good communication skills, listening skills, to be creative, and to be prepared for classes,” she notes.

Studying for her Honors in Psychology also prompted deep reflection on the type of psychologist she aspires to be—compassionate, patient, open-minded, non-judgmental, and empathetic. “I’m passionate about mental health issues,” she asserts, driving her commitment to positively impacting this field.

Zeldah Tshimbana is prepared with academic knowledge, personal growth, and professional readiness. She is confident and excited about the future, equipped with the skills and insights gained from this incredible journey.

Cornerstone wishes her the best of luck!

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