BPsych Equivalent Brochure

Explore the Exciting Journey: Cornerstone Institute BPsych Equivalent Brochure for the Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology 2023!

Embark on a personalized adventure as we start by sharing your story and then seamlessly transition into our captivating narrative. Hear firsthand from our esteemed Executive Dean, setting the tone for an inspiring academic journey. The Head of Psychology paints a vivid picture of the department’s vision, mission, and purpose, creating a vision for your academic success.

Dive into the heart of the program in the next section, discovering the aims, and getting to know our dedicated Programme Coordinator(s) and Practicum Coordinator(s) who will guide you every step of the way.

Get ready for an immersive academic experience as we lay out the comprehensive academic program. A detailed table showcases Module Names and their corresponding credits, providing a clear roadmap for your educational journey. Learn about time commitments, explore tuition costs, and gain insights into our admission and selection criteria, all designed to make your entry seamless and straightforward.

Uncover the unique outcomes tailored to the program and dive deep into the professional training we offer. Our extensive coverage of practicum placements, supervision, evaluation procedures, and learning outcomes ensures you are well-prepared for success. Discover the intricacies of the practicum design, exit level outcomes, and more.

Join us on this transformative educational expedition at Cornerstone Institute, where every detail is crafted for your success and growth!

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