Cornerstone Institute One-Day Workshop

AI Workshop '23

THEME: "Mitigating AI challenges for Higher Education: Ensuring Academic Integrity"

FOCUS: Seeking solutions to maintain credible assessments

Campus: Sunningdale Campus
Date Options: Tuesday, 3 October 2023
Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

The AI conference '23 has started. The Venue is at Cornerstone Institute, Sunningdale Campus, Rural Milnerton, Cape Town. Thank you for joining the Conference.

A much needed Workshop today!

Step into the Future: Join us at the Cornerstone Institute AI Workshop 2023!


“Mitigating the challenges of AI: Ensuring Academic Integrity"

Centre for Teaching and Learning is hosting an on-campus workshop on Tuesday, 3 October from 9h00-15h00. The workshop is geared towards capacitating staff and faculty on AI intricacies and complexities in higher education. 

The AI invasion has changed the landscape as present innovations in the field of artificial intelligence rages on like uncontrolled wildfire that no one can handle. AI is moulding the future of humanity and affect every sector and industry. It is driven by emerging technologies like robotics, ChatGPT and AI art generators. AI is reshaping and redefining modus operandi of age-old practices of every sector and human engagement. Educational institutions are not spared, and many universities have made AI part of the curricula and sought to understand and utilise. The fact is that AI will change the way we learn and acquire knowledge for present and future generations. Cornerstone Institute is not immune to this. CI has also started the process to look at interventions to safeguard its academic integrity. This workshop on mitigating challenges of AI in pursuit of academic integrity, is investigating scientifically verifiable measurements and solutions to maintain credibility and veracity of our programmes. 

NB: RSVP by the 26th of September 2023 to Reserve your seat!


Here is our Event Speakers for the One-Day Workshop. Click on the box to read more about our speakers. 

Dr Hanelie Adendorff

Dr. Hanelie Adendorff is a Senior Advisor at the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Stellenbosch University. Dr. Adendorff has a Ph.D. in chemistry but has worked in professional development since 2002. She began her journey with a keen interest in blended learning. Over time, her expertise expanded to encompass assessment strategies, facilitation of collaborative learning, science education, and, notably, the decolonisation of the science curriculum. As an integral member of the Faculty of Science's teaching and learning hub, she collaborates closely with the vice dean of Teaching and Learning to elevate the prominence of teaching within the faculty. Furthermore, since the university's pivot to emergency and augmented remote teaching, Dr. Adendorff has actively contributed to institutional research focusing on assessment methodologies.

Mr. Dolan Govender

Dolan Govender is a dedicated entrepreneur and CRM software consultant with 12 years of industry experience. He founded two businesses: one offering business and technology training solutions and another leveraging Education Technology to deliver quality education to individuals regardless of socioeconomic status. Motivated by a profound desire to create equal opportunities, Dolan sees education as the foundation for success. His businesses stand at the cutting edge of merging AI with pedagogy, ensuring effective learning outcomes for students from diverse backgrounds. As a visionary leader, Dolan's work is a testament to the transformative power of dedication and innovation.

Event Schedule

Click below to view the schedule for our One-Day Workshop

main objectives

Main Objectives for the AI Workshop 2023 - Theme: "Mitigating the Challenges of AI: Ensuring Academic Integrity":

  1. Promote Awareness: Increase awareness among academic professionals, educators, and stakeholders about the transformative impact of AI on education and academic integrity.
  2. Understand AI's Influence: Explore the ways in which AI, including emerging technologies like robotics, ChatGPT, and AI art generators, is reshaping the landscape of academia and learning methodologies.
  3. Identify Challenges: Identify the specific challenges and potential risks AI poses to academic integrity, including plagiarism detection, exam proctoring, and ethical considerations.
  4. Scientific Solutions: Investigate scientifically verifiable measurements and solutions to address these challenges and maintain the credibility and veracity of academic programs.
  5. Curriculum Integration: Discuss strategies for integrating AI into educational curricula while ensuring academic integrity is upheld.
  6. Best Practices: Share best practices and case studies from universities and institutions that have successfully incorporated AI in education without compromising academic integrity.
  7. Collaboration: Foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among academia, industry experts, and AI practitioners to develop effective strategies for mitigating AI-related challenges.
  8. Ethical Frameworks: Explore the development and implementation of ethical frameworks and guidelines to guide AI usage in academic settings.
  9. Student Engagement: Discuss methods for engaging students in responsible AI use, emphasizing the importance of academic honesty and integrity.
  10. Future-Proofing: Develop a roadmap for academic institutions, including Cornerstone Institute, to adapt and future-proof their academic programs in the AI era.

Local organizing committee

If you have any questions/queries about the AI Workshop 2023, please see our local organizers below:

Dr Martin Khoaseb

HoD of CTL and Co-ordinator of AI Workshop 23'

Dr Blaine Lomberg

Co-ordinator and Workshop Organizer

Get to the venue

Below is directions on how to get to Cornerstone Institute, Sandown Campus to attend our One-Day Workshop.


Get Directions To One-Day Workshop

1 Cedar Street, Sandown Road, Milnerton Rural, Cape Town, 7441

Cornerstone Institute, Sunningdale Campue

All attendees to sign in at Front Gate by Security on arrival.

Cornerstone Institute
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