News and Events at Cornerstone

  • Fighting Racism to find a Common South African purpose

    On the 2nd of March, the dimly lit auditorium at Cornerstone Institute was alight with the excitement and expectation of over a hundred participants in what was the first of a series of significant dialogues to be hosted at the Institute. The series is held in memory of Pat and Shelma James, two great South […]

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  • HPCSA accreditation for the BPsych Equivalent

    Stop Press!!

    We are pleased to announce that, in addition to the academic BA Honours in Psychology, Cornerstone can also offer the degree as a BPsych Equivalent. Graduates will be able to register as Registered Counsellors with the HPCSA once they have completed all the requirements, which includes a 6 month placement and board exams. Applicants will […]

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  • Doors to Varsity need not be closed!

    So, your child’s matric results are out and they’re on your mind a lot, because you worry about her future. The good news is that the door to varsity and academic qualifications need not be closed for her without a diploma and bachelor pass . At Cornerstone we offer solutions for students with diverse academic […]

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  • Preparing for the 22nd Century, Environmentally.

    Dr. Naidoo

    “My country is arguably facing one of the most pressing challenges since the end of apartheid. With the government putting as much as a trillion Rand (US$ 85 billion) on the table for Russian-built nuclear power plants, this would commit my country to a dangerous path that will do little to provide clean energy services […]

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