Wheatfield Estate Foundation Trust

Wheatfield Estate Foundation Trust Scholarship Information

Important: Read this document before completing the Scholarship form

Who is the scholarship for?

  • Scholarships are ONLY awarded to students RESIDING in the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA: to students that MATRICULATED in the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA and who are South African Citizens.
  • The scholarship is for full-time campus based students only.
  • The scholarship is not for applicants in full-time employment.
  • For students to attain a first tertiary qualification. Post Graduate studies are excluded [unless you have done your initial degree while receiving a scholarship from WEFT or your undergraduate studies have been through Cornerstone.]
  • Applicants who have 60% as an overall average.

What must be submitted?

  • A completed application form with all the supporting documents – certified copy of proof of address and Identity document and latest results. The information on this form is confidential. INCORRECT INFORMATION WILL DISQUALIFY THE APPLICATION.
  • MID-YEAR RESULTS must be sent before the end of July.
  • Matriculants must submit their official June and September results of Grade 12 and the final Matric Results by 31 January 2020.
  • A personal email address other than your Cornerstone email address MUST be provided. All correspondence is done via email.
  • A new application must be submitted for each year of the course of study. 

Please note: Interviews will be held at the Main Campus of Cornerstone. If you do not make yourself available for our interviews, your application will not be processed any further.

Requirements for successful applicants:

  • An agreement must be signed between the successful candidate and the Wheatfield Estate Foundation Trust.
  • Scholarships are only partial assistance. You are responsible for your fees and your arrangements with the Cornerstone finance office.
  • Successful applicants must participate in 30 hours of voluntary service in community based projects.
  • Proof of community service must be done on the organisation’s letterhead and signed by the organisation.
  • Scholarships will only be paid once the community service report is submitted.
  • Maintain a 60% grade average for each semester.
  • Failure of any module despite having a 60% grade average will affect future allocations. 

COO: Stemray I. Lesch

Address: 225 Bree Street Cape Town 8001
Email: stemrayl@cornerstone.ac.za
Telephone: 021 855 1284

Fax: 086 541 7820
Skype: stemvandiekaap

Mobile: 084 302 1881

[WEFT Reg. no. 4260/2003 NPO 043-435 Vat. 4540225366]

* Please note that a Cornerstone Financial Aid Form must also be completed and sbmitted along with the WEFT scholarship Form below.

Download the  WEFT Scholarship form

Download the Cornerstone Financial Aid Form

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