Generosity through Humanity

September 2018

Given John’s celebrated work in the higher education sector and Angie’s unselfish work as a teacher and their combined commitment to justice and the support of poorer communities in their education struggles, the financial aid committee of Cornerstone Institute felt that it would be proper to acknowledge their contribution through the establishment of the Angie and John Volmink Scholarship.

The intention of the scholarship is to provide financial support to academically deserving students who come from socio-economically challenged backgrounds. Via a grant from the Liberty Group, Cornerstone allocated R50 000 as a founding contribution to the scholarship. We hope that this modest sum will motivate others to follow in the generosity of spirit that is the hallmark of the life and times of Angie and John Volmink as illustrated in the short biographies below:

Scholarship Patron; Engela “Angie” S Volmink (Posthumous)

Engela “Angie” S Volmink lived a life of love, generosity and worked for her family and her community, especially the children and youth in it. She was a wife, mother, teacher, activist and woman after God’s heart. She was deeply loved and is missed by her husband John, their ten children and those whose lives she touched. She had a particular concern for orphans and those who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. Together with John and their children she worked tirelessly to improve the life-chances of those in need in the community.

Scholarship Patron; Professor John D. Volmink

John D. Volmink straddles two worlds: one as an academic and another in community development. He held positions of leadership at several universities including Cornerstone where he served as CEO and Principal for five years from 2005-2009 and continues as a Board member and the Honorary President. He also provides leadership to several NGOs both in South Africa and beyond. He has been centrally involved in education transformation in the country. Having himself been the beneficiary of a scholarship opportunity as a school leaver that changed his life,

he is now committed to create similar opportunities for other young people in need. He sees his role as bringing the love of Christ and the grace of God to those whose lives he touches.

This generosity through humanity was again illustrated when Angie was first diagnosed with cancer and on the first day she was admitted to hospital in 2011, she made a personal family contribution of R250 000 towards Cornerstone Institute. This significant gift allowed the organisation to continue its work of creating greater access to higher education for more students from marginalised communities.

The launch of the AJ Volmink Scholarship Fund during September 2018 triggered an immediate response from friends of the Volmink family and we raised more than R50 000 in the first 3 weeks of the fund’s existence. Here, in particular, we acknowledge the contribution of Lorraine Harricombe and Elma Ewing, long-time friends of the Volmink Family.

“I received the “blessing of encouragers”: John and Angie, who first encouraged me to unlock my potential. I simply want to share that blessing with others now. Thank you Cornerstone for creating the opportunity to help pay forward.”

Lorraine Harricombe

(Founding Contributor to the Angie and John Volmink Scholarship Fund)

“Angie was well named–we have never known a person more like an angel, especially with respect to her fierce, determined love and care for children. Her smile, her pleasure in small things, her kind and generous actions, and her gracious ways endeared her to all.”

– Elma Ellis Ewing

(Founding Contributor to the Angie and John Volmink Scholarship Fund writing to the Volmink family on the passing of Angie Volmink in 2013

We know that this fund will grow over the next years and we are sure that with your contribution, we will be able to support many deserving graduates who can contribute towards building a society free of discrimination and injustice, which is the lifelong work of Angie and John Volmink.

Cornerstone Institute
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