Be Transformed by the Renewing of your mind
(Romans 12:2)


The course is based on the process of Unlearning, which proposes that new ways of learning can only be acquired when individuals unlearn thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that prevent them from attaining holistic well-being. Unlearning seeks to equip individuals with personal transformation skills.

Through integrating psychological theory, theological principles, and experiential knowledge, students are encouraged to reflect on those parts of self, relationships, communities, and institutions that need transformation from the inside out. The skills taught in the course will allow students to apply their knowledge practically so that theory becomes praxis (a way of being in the world). When the individual is transformed, the world is transformed. The course content applies to any human context.


  • Thrive in your personal life.
  • Increase self-understanding and identify barriers to personal growth. 
  • Learn to grow and develop during a personal crisis. 
  • Find a sense of meaning and accomplishment in your life.
  • Improve interpersonal relationships. 
  • Find solutions to life’s challenges. 
  • Develop a healthy relationship with yourself and others. 
  • Increase psychological well-being. 
  • Adopt holistically healthy ways to live. 


  • Foster a thriving environment within your organisation.
  • Enhance employee self-awareness and identify barriers to professional growth.
  • Develop the ability to navigate and grow during organisational crises.
  • Uncover individual purposes within the workplace.
  • Cultivate a sense of meaning and accomplishment in job roles.
  • Improve interpersonal relationships among employees.
  • Equip employees to find effective solutions to organisational challenges.
  • Cultivate effective communication skills within the workplace.
  • Boost overall productivity.
  • Enhance psychological well-being in the workplace.



Teaching Team

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for the course

R2250.00 For the period 9th October – 20th October – anyone who pays 2950 can nominate a second individual to enrol for the course, entry requirements allowing. This effectively means that during this period, the second individual only gets to pay R700 for the period in question.

$180 for International Students

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The course content is universally applicable and beneficial to any personal and professional context. It acts as a bridging course into future studies in Psychology and/or acquisition of RPL for future study at Cornerstone Institute. Employees, employer’s managers (HR managers, Heads of Departments), teachers, aspiring students or anyone who wants to embark on a journey of personal development. This includes both the public and private sectors. The target market for the course is infinite and is offered to a global market.

About The Course Presenter: Taryn Little

After years of searching for my purpose and finding myself in spaces that were not ordained for me, I  vowed to never again work in an area that does not reflect my true passion and calling. My own story of pain and brokenness has driven my desire to become a product of my purpose and not my pain . To see opportunity, not obstacles in times of crisis. My life and  life’s work  is an  unrelenting mission to help my fellow human beings make sense of their own pain so that they may thrive and not merely survive. There is a difference.

I believe that academic qualifications and hard skills are not sufficient, and that individuals and organizations need to engage in personal transformation in order to  reach their fullest potential in the areas of positive emotions, positive relationships, positive accomplishments, positive meaning and positive engagement.

Transformation needs to focus on unlearning thoughts, emotions and behaviours that hurt self and others. When the individual is transformed so too is the world transformed, and in my personal experience transformation needs to occur from the inside out if one is to see effective long
lasting results.

My Bachelor of Theology: in Community Leadership: Psychology and Bachelor of Arts (Honor’s): Psychology degrees speaks to my passion to integrate my love for Psychology and Theology. I have my heart set on a Masters in Practical Theology: Clinical Pastorate. I believe in not living the same day twice and have been blessed to spend my days either lecturing, supervising fieldwork psychology students, presenting personal development workshops, writing, mental health Christian counselling and inspirational speaking. 1 Peter 4:10 reminds us to use whatever gifts we have received to serve others, and not to hide our talents as Matthew 5:16 instructs but to use them so that others may see our good work and glorify our heavenly Father. It is for this reason that I have included my performing ARTS gift as a teaching tool into my work. My desire is to see individuals access and live out all of the gifts and talents. I have a dream. A dream to be used as a vessel of transformation in the world.


I have learnt so much from you in a short span of time that has impacted my life in unimaginable ways, from the manner in which I now speak to people to even just listening to another person. Your course has taught me more than just knowledge but rather how to carry out that knowledge every single day of my life
Zaaheda Gangat
I am so emotional this morning just thinking that this course is over. You made this journey meaningful and enriching.
Mary MacAlister
You have played a huge role in not only helping us learn new skills, but also showing us what it means to be vulnerable and enhance our flourishing. Thank you for creating a space of safety in your class
Damian Gilbert
The course was an academic and spiritual experience for me. It revived parts of my being that needed to be brought back to life. Taryn is a gift to the world. She gives of herself fully.
Thantaswa Faith Siala


Matric or equivalent is a prerequisite. Admission by the Recognition of Prior Learning is also possible.

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