Transforming Gender Injustice

Have you ever…

…longed for a deeper, more intimate connection with your partners, family members, fellow students, or colleagues?

…wished you could walk the streets at night, but felt unsafe because you are a woman? Or a man?

…dreamed of a world of true equality, respect, and harmony between men and women?

If you answer YES, to any of these, you are like many of us who are inspired to transform relations between men & women in society via Gender Reconciliation.

The Gender Reconciliation three-day programme applies an experiential learning methodology facilitated in a group or community setting, providing a community-based approach to gender analysis which complements activist, political, and academic approaches. An experiential and reflective methodology shape the techniques employed. The programme will combine a broad range of modalities necessary for skilful navigation through the sometimes delicate, and volatile dynamics of transforming gender relations and gender-based violence, always ensuring respect for all people’s experiences. It will be highly participatory, and will comprise experiential processes and exercises; discussions and dialogue in plenary, small groups, pairs; and debriefings. Through this approach, a forum is provided in which participants can enter into an exploration of their own gender conditioning, and can challenge their assumptions about other genders through hearing their stories. Through skilful and creative collaboration, participants will gain insights from this process that contribute directly to addressing and transforming gender relations in their lives, communities, and contexts. New relational skills and a culture of deep respect and integrity between the sexes will be fostered, fuelled by heightened mutual awareness of the gender conditioning experienced by women and men in our society.

Course prerequisite: an intention of healing and safe space; a willingness to explore, share and witness together the effects of gender inequity as part of transforming gender relations in broader society; attendance for the entire duration of the programme.

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About the Presenter: Reverend Laurie Gaum (MDiv; MA) is Programme Coordinator with the Centre for Christian Spirituality where he designs and facilitates various interdisciplinary dialogues and programmes related to contemplative spirituality and social justice issues, specifically focused on masculinities, gender and sexuality.

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