The World Needs You!

This course, with its focus on empowering women, explores the uniqueness of each individual – embracing uniqueness and abandoning self-doubt, comparison syndrome (comparing ourselves to other women to the extent that we develop a low self-esteem), and all the other factors that sabotage our ability to accept and love ourselves. An acknowledgement that we have each been birthed for a very specific purpose, a divine purpose. Explore factors that debilitate purpose. Re-discover forgotten “little girl dreams”. How to action unfulfilled dreams and purpose.

The presenter has a background in the performing arts, and so the message also incorporates a song, a spiritual dance and a dramatic monologue. It concludes with a mini personal-reflection workshop.

About the Presenter: Taryn Little (BA Honours Psychology), counselor, lecturer, performer, writer and inspirational speaker, takes you on a journey of self-discovery through the telling of her own story of finding UNIQUE PURPOSE.  Not just a “talking head”, she presents her message to WOMEN through rhetoric, song, dance and a personal reflection workshop, revealing why THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!