logoftcAs of October 2015, FTC has been incorporated into the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Economic Transformation of Cornerstone Institute. FTC offers leadership and management training programmes to corporates, government and communities. They have an outstanding track record in delivering responsive, high-quality training programmes and courses to all sectors, both locally and internationally. All our courses and training programmes are customised to meet the client’s needs, time frames and budget.


Courses for South African Business

Our Courses for South African Business address the challenges that employees in the corporate sector face in companies and organisations, big and small.


Courses for Community Development

Our courses in Community Development empowers organisations and individuals to support communities in achieving their developmental objectives.


National Certificate in General Management

The General Management qualification leads to the strengthening of management competencies to successfully manage systems, processes, resources, supervisors and teams.


 Courses for International Business

Ongoing training of key staff is essential for any global organisation which hopes to maintain its competitive edge and to ensure productivity.


FTC employs a core team of exceptional individuals including, a Managing Director, Operations manager and a Client Liaison Officer. Furthermore, FTC draws on a wide array of professional associates and support personnel on an as-needed basis.

FTC has a diverse human resource capacity that consists of individuals that have worked on international, national and local levels with proven track records of delivery in the education, training and development programmes to the state, private and non-governmental sectors. Within our pool of professionals are people that have worked extensively in all corners of South Africa. It should be noted that FTC’s staff and Associates come from a host of backgrounds including national and local government, business and civil society organisations.

Email us at stephen@onlineftc.com