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Mr Jaz launches “The Calling” at Cornerstone Institute

Roeshdien Jaz, otherwise known as Mr Jaz, takes a radical musical shift in direction with his brand new single, “The Calling”, set to be released in May 2017 at the Cornerstone Institute in Cape Town.

Celebrating six years since his well-received and popular radio hit, “Feel for Life” in 2010, Roeshdien’s new single is inspired by his remarkable journey of overcoming cancer.

As the Cornerstone Institute’s first official brand ambassador, Roeshdien will be publicly releasing “The Calling” at the Cape Town campus. In his words, “The Calling” has “an irresistible beat, embracing diversity with a compelling personal message, which intends to resonate deeply with the listener.”

Roeshdien originally started writing the verse, chorus and melody while still in music school 13 years ago. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2012, he spent 19 months recovering, which gave him the time and space to reflect on this challenging but ultimately enlightening chapter of his life.

Realising how precious life is and that it is not how much time we have on this planet but ultimately how we choose to occupy our time, “The Calling” came into being.

“In 2016, I was introduced to producer, songwriter and lyricist, Charlie Hamilton, via Music Exchange, an annual music conference in Cape Town. Charlie has worked with the likes of TKzee and Idols winner, Jody, and is no stranger to the South African music scene. We combined our creative energies and the song took on its own rhythm and finally evolved into “The Calling”, allowing us to reconnect with our roots and what makes us a people,” said Roeshdien.

The official live release of the single will take place at Cornerstone Institute in Cape Town, and is an association with Cornerstone Institute and Ari’s Cancer Foundation. The show will feature MC Phil de Lange from Smile Radio, and special guest artists including Monique Hellenberg from The Voice and Goldfish, Sipho “Kotobason” Ndebele, Selim Kagee, James Bhemgee from SA’s Got Talent, Ernestine Deane from Moodphase5, Makeeda Swan and Elton Goslett, amongst others.

Tickets will be available through Computicket or direct from Cornerstone Institute.

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About Ari’s Cancer Foundation

Ari’s Cancer Foundation was established in 2012 and is run by 12 voluntary committee members. The Foundation was set up in memory of Ariana Jansen who lost her battle to brain cancer at the age of 24.

When Ariana took ill, her family were supported by friends and community members during the difficult time. It was during this time that her family became aware that there are many people who have to face this illness on their own – not only dealing with the emotional trauma but the financial burden of treatment as well.

With this in mind, her family began thinking of starting a charitable foundation that would help raise funds for patients that desperately needed support. In memory of Ariana, the Ari’s Cancer Foundation was born.

The foundation is affiliated with the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, St Luke’s Hospice and Groote Schuur Hospital to help raise funds for families that are fighting cancer or living with cancer. Many of these families have no financial support, medical aid or medical insurance to help cover the expense of cancer treatment.

In September 2014, Ari’s Cancer Foundation pledged to help Adolescent and Young Adults (AYA) diagnosed with cancer in South Africa. AYAs are defined as those who are between the ages of 15 and 39 years old.