Imagine the whole world so close you can touch it. We love the idea of pristine beaches, standing on mountain tops, or exploring remote villages to find some famous cuisine or artefact. But what if the ultimate cultural experience isn’t a place or a thing? What if it’s a meaningful connection with a person from another world?

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, or TESOL, is more than a qualification, it’s a passport, a handshake; it’s that one person you know at the party. TESOL is an opportunity to build bridges and impact lives across the world.

There is a short list of countries considered to have English as a first language. And South Africa is on it. If you love teaching, travel, and serving others, then take advantage of this unique window in history, as nations like China, Thailand, and Brazil are inviting you to go and teach English. In a few years, they might not need you anymore. Don’t miss your chance to make a difference.

TESOL brings the world closer. Touch it. Impact lives. And you might just find you’ve been impacted too.

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