About us

The Student Services team partners with students in their academic journey, walking alongside them from orientation to graduation, ensuring that they finish triumphantly. We strive to be the hands that carry, the hearts that hear and the mouths that motivate for the ultimate success of each; for the better of Cornerstone, and the community at large. We believe in our core values and aspire to display excellence and creativity in all we do. Our team interacts respectfully with students and staff, and in all our dealings we work with integrity to keep unity within the Cornerstone community and within the larger social circle ensuring that no matter who we work with or serve, there is a feeling of inclusivity.


Contact us

Email Address:

  • sdss@cornerstone.ac.za


  • Beverley Dankers 021 448 0050 Ext 2241
  • Shireen Orphan 021 448 0050 Ext 2263

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